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Copy protection (PC EGA)

Zany Golf is a crazy minigolf simulator designed by Will Harvey and published by Electronic Arts. This game was available in 1988 on all the popular types and brands of 16-bit computers and was also converted onto the Genesis in 1990. It is based on an Apple IIGS program, so all the art, music and code were originally done for the Apple IIGS.

The PC version only supports 16 colored EGA graphics, so owner of a more basic machine with a CGA graphic card couldn't play this game at that time. This version also includes an in-game copyright protection and the player has to enter a code before the "Hamburger" hole from an code wheel to continue the game.

The "Magic Carpet" hole is missing in the Genesis version of the game because the Genesis controller isn't suited to controlling the ball on the magic carpets. Instead the "Magic Carpet" hole has been replaced by the "Mystery" bonus hole from the computer game versions and has been renamed to "Knockout Nightmere". The beautiful intro screens found in the computer game versions to distract from disc-access and loading time have been removed too due to the instant cartridge loading.

Zany Golf was also part of the "AMIGA 500 DELUXE" software pack bundled with Amiga 500 machines that were sold worldwide in 1990.


Aiming and shooting (Amiga)

Up to four players can tackle consecutively the mad nine-hole course, and eventually the mysterius tenth. You begin with five shots and each of the nine holes must be completed within par to play the mysterius tenth hole. Par is the maximum number of strokes it should take for you to get the ball into the hole. Unused shots are carried over from previous holes and extra strokes are awarded for putting within a time limit or by hitting a fairy. The game is over if you run out of strokes before getting the ball into the hole.

A shot is played by clicking on the ball and then dragging the cursor away to draw a white dotted line between the ball and the cursor. The direction of the line indicates the path of the ball, its length the strength of the shot. Once you let go of the button, the ball will shoot off following the line of the cursor. The ball bounces off walls and obstacles, and follows natural forces like gravity.


1: Windmill (Par 2) [Genesis title: "Wacky Windmill"]

Shoot the ball directly into the windmill to get a bonus stroke.

2: Hamburger (Par 3) [Genesis title: "Hamburger Hill"]

Click fast to make the hamburger bounce, then rebound off catsup.

3: Walls (Par 2) [Genesis title: "Will's Walls"]

Walls move continuously up and down. Hit the third wall to get to the area with the hole.

4: Pinball (Par 3) [Genesis title: "Pinball Palace"]

Hit two drop targets with the ball on the pinball table using the flippers. Then enter the left corner hole to get a bonus stroke.

5: Fans (Par 3) [Genesis title: "Frantic Fans"]

After putt activate fans by wiggling the mouse. Use the fans to blow the ball in the direction of arrows.

6: Magic Carpet (Par 2)

Not available in the Genesis version. Steer the ball with mouse when the ball is over the magic carpet(checkered pattern).

7: Castle (Par 3) [Genesis title: "Chaotic Castle"]

The portcullis opens and closes periodically, enter the castle gate to get a bonus stroke.

8: Ant Hill (Par 3) [Genesis title: "Ambling Ant Hill"]

You can't putt dircetly into the hole on top of the hill because its moving(by ants?). Use instead the edge bumpers to hole the ball.

9: Energy (Par 5) [Genesis title: "Energy Enigma"]

Hit the two buttons on the big computer with golf ball, then shoot into the suction tube to get to the top level. Alternatively send the ball into the mouse hole when the eyes in the hole glow red for an instant.

10: Mystery (Par 4) [Genesis title: "Knock-Out Knightmare"]

Replacement for the "Magic Carpet" hole in the Genesis version. On the home computer versions this hole is only accessible by completing the rest of the course under par or putting the ball into the mouse hole on the "Energy" level while the eyes in the hole glow red. After putt the game turns into a version of Arkanoid or Breakout. You controll a paddle with the mouse and you must hit all drop targets on the incline with the ball to activate the corner escape holes which lead to a checkerboard-like putting green. On checker green, avoid squares that flash.

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