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@slag: I can either keep a list or spotlight a list here next week if one is made. I haven't noticed it on too many pages, but I don't tend to do a lot of poking around on the bigger or already well known pages.

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@mento: I plan on filling in that pinball page if nobody else gets to it before I get my way around to it. Also, I saw that Uno page come up and it actually looks really interesting and possibly fun.

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@beachthunder: I immediately thought of Fallout 3 for the letter block page. Other than that I KNOW I have seen them in a bunch of games, but of course I can't think of any others.

I am pretty sure that Jan. 1 date thing is leftover from when you had to pick the whole thing.

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@zombiepie: I just hope there is a way for it to be clarified that people would see when they go to edit this. I just don't want all of us who do understand to have to spend a lot of time cleaning up from those that do not know.

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I am kind of split on this one. I think it is a good idea, but I also see the problem of people attaching every character from a game together.

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@corruptedevil: @capt_ventris: Thanks guys I got it figured out now!

My new team:

  • Sgt. Slaughter - Rare - Level 9
  • Big E - Rare - Level 8
  • Dean Ambrose - Rare - Level 9
  • Rey Mysterio - Rare - Level 9
  • Natalya - Rare - Level 7

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I think I may be confused as to what a cards level is. I can't seem to find anywhere it actually says the level?

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Been playing it a bit, but not too much yet.

  • Sgt. Slaughter - Rare - Level 7
  • Big E - Rare - Level 2
  • Fandango - Rare - Level 3
  • Dean Ambrose - Rare - Level 2
  • AJ Lee - Common - Level 0

I am assuming their level is the number in the bottom left of the card?

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@thatpinguino: Totally true. I would buy all kinds of games because of the pictures on the back of the box.