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I would love Splinter Cell as I never got around to getting that one.

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I try and use PNG for as much as possible. I would love for this to be fixed as it has been bugging me for some time now.

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Not too much for the ol' Vita this month. I will however gladly play through Roundabout once again.

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I made a blog post here with a list of a bunch of codes I have to give away.

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Sweet, I will enter for this. I love this kind of stuff.

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Well as was pointed out in this thread, there appears to be some pages for mods already.

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This is a pretty great group of content right here, I second all of this.

  • Monday Night Wars - Under Shows/Originals. Gives a pretty good overview of the NWO and Attitude era throughout the 90s.
  • NXT Specials - Under Shows/In-Ring. Arrival (2/27), Takeover (5/29), and Takeover Fatal 4-Way (9/11) should give you a good sampling of some of the best of what NXT has to offer. This might be the developmental league, but a lot of people (myself included) feel like this delivers a better and more consistent product on a weekly basis than the main roster.
  • Some PPV Suggestions:
    • Wrestlemania X7, 28, 30
    • Summerslam 92, 98, 2002
    • Money in the Bank 2011
    • Extreme Rules 2012

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Wizardry is one of those series that I always thought looked interesting, but for whatever reason I have just never played. I even have 6, 7, and 8 sitting in my Steam library.