TL;DL 22: Je ne Sais Bon

Just a little bit late, but better that then never. It's the TL;DL PODCAST. Episode 22 is a special one, because Bonbolapti is gone. Wait, that's me. I was missing from the podcast. I had show stuff to do all day so Apathylad wants to take over decided to take the reigns as host. With him is the usuals DolphinButter and Ossi, it's a small group today. Oh yeah, and Sidescroller totally appears out of thin air to be the forth wheel. NOW LET'S GET THIS PARTY BUS MOVING!

What's in this podcast?

  • What do I care, I'm not in this one.
  • Well, they talk about that Wii U hardware bundle.
  • Fuck the Used game market. M I RITE?
  • The Fire Emblem conversation I would have liked to be a part of. I'm talking to my computer hoping to be part of the conversation.
  • Dolphin deletes his 3DS's identity.
  • Sides is all up in that Dad Space 3
  • Apathy spoils the Dead Space iOS game for EVERYBODY.
  • The Dorkness
  • That fun little art conversation that we always need to have in our lives every once in a while.
  • Ossi is afraid of Mr. slendermenn
  • Fun Sony Conference speculations: Sidescroller edition.
  • Ossi played another demo. Etrian Odyssey?
  • OSSI THINKS ULTIMATE NINJA STORM THREE LOOKS AMAZING. and he also thinks the games do a way better job of telling the story then the anime does. agree?
  • Oh god they're having an anime conversation. #justjokes #yeahyohYEAHYOH.
  • Then they round it off by never stop mentioning games that they've touched within the week.

So as usual, Download linky poo right here. Or wait for it to show up on the iTunes music store. I will be back to host next week. So enjoy this low-key game ramble. Like us for what we do, and STAY CLASSY.

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Posted by Apathylad

Oh right, this was a thing!

Posted by bonbolapti

@apathylad: have a little more enthusiasm for the thing you hosted :P

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

I’m Commodore Groovy, and this is my favorite podcast on the internet (that I am occasionally on).