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@mnzy: I'm not saying that its the best deal, but the gaming community is making it sound like a lot worse than it is. Yeah, XBL cards are $60 MSRP, but Amazon usually ends up selling them for $35.

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@mnzy: One day users like you will learn how to read the entire article instead of reading the headline and racing to post a comment. You're also assuming everyone that is getting an Xbox is a fucking dork like us and searching for video game deals constantly.

Also, giving more options to the consumer is never a bad thing. Everyone "in the know" will realize they can get this bundle cheaper, but those who don't have a vested interest in video games or those that don't have as much expendable income will finally be able to upgrade from their PS2's.

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@TyCobb: Why don't you get your facts straight. She did spill it but McDonalds was found to have their coffee at MUCH higher temperatures than other establishments.

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@PuckGoodfellow: All the people against this are not against the money going to the kids. What we're against is the fact that people just throw Child's Play in there to deflect that they're ultimately trying to change an ending to a video game. If I want to donate to CP I'll do it directly. I fear what precedent this sets if Bioware buckles and changes its ending. If this works then I'm setting up a charity drive to try and convince Konami to change everything after the tanker level in Metal Gear Solid 2.

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@lord_canti: It started off slowly, but at least it wasn't full boar crazy like 2. Tried listening to all the story again while running through HD Collection and I had to skip half of it.

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@purplepeopleeater: The online is pretty good from the 15 games I've played. The only thing I don't like is that they give you a negative streak for whenever someone disconnects against you. You don't take a loss but it annoys me.

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If anyone is still interested in setting these up add GT: SiA Kells. Maybe try for one this weekend.

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@IBurningStar: I've played previous installments of Castlevania before, but none of them really kept me interested until Rondo came along. I've read over and over that SotN is amazing, but I couldn't stay interested. I think Rondo is a great place to start, but I haven't found any other Castlevania games that I've wanted to complete besides Rondo. I'm even thinking about getting a Wii just to play the original version (or as close as I can get). 
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@Immuniity said:
" I love gaming but theres just so many things that i've come just to accept about it..even if i dont want to.

  • There will never be another Soul Reaver game. The series is dead and any attempt to remake the games will go horribly.
  • The days of isometric sprawling RPGs are long gone.
  • JRPGs have stagnated and theres no sign of changing
  • Kid who plays games saves his family from a house fire - Unrelated to games. Kid who plays games attacks another child in anger - ITS THAT DAMN MODERN DUTY'S FAULT.
  • Gaming journalism is years behind being good. Every site will just copy / paste a press release.
  • Game ratings exist from 7 -10 on most sites.
  • Nintendo doesnt make games for me anymore (im just not the target audience anymore)
  • People will push that 'gaming is a mature hobby enjoyed by a wide variety of people spanning young and old' but still crack a fuss if content is 'too mature'
  • Theres always going to be at least one person that makes you embarrassed to admit you play games in public because of how ludicrous he acts and claims lines like 'us gamers'.
 How about you guys? "  
I agree with you on those points. I had put faith in Final Fantasy XIII to spark my interest in JRPGS, but I was put off by how much grinding I would have to do to make it past Chapter 11. Not all is lost though, I got a copy of Persona 3 PSP that I was enjoying until I set it aside.  
On the topic of Nintendo... Zelda was the last franchise from Nintendo that I truly cared about. After playing through Twilight Princess I knew the formula had become too stale for me and it was time to move on.   
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Alan Wake - The Writer, Dead Rising - 3 Costume Packs, and Sonic 4. Anyone got their points back?

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