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A list that may never be complete...

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Posted by zameer

This list needs more Matt Uelmen

Posted by Brackynews
@zameer:  Agreed.
Posted by zameer
@Brackynews: HAHA awesome, you actually did it! I honestly had no intentions of trying to strong-arm his addition or anything.  
Love your list btw, even before the recent addition.
Posted by Brackynews
@zameer:  Oh hell yeah, why not? Says right up there "may never be complete"! Which is true for pretty well everything in my life really. 
Oh look, shiny!  /goes
Posted by medacris

I love Yoko Shimomura and Mike Morasky, too.

Posted by Brackynews

@medacris: Yep Yoko's a get. Morasky is cool in that he's a VFX movie guy too, and his audio work is a key part of Valve games and trailers. However none of his soundtracks are appealing enough to me outside of the game context. Portal 2 tracks just make me feel uncomfortable while web browsing. "9999999", that's about it.