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V! Sorry for this belated congratulations-- I'm so happy for you! <3

May you and Rowr have many blessed years together!

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I have never watched any Endurance Runs and I loved Deadly Premonition. On all technical levels, it does everything that would be considered wrong or bad in other games, but somehow it's just mismatched into a certain combination that makes it fun to me.  
I was disappointed with the interview GiantBomb did with Swery, given that neither Jeff nor Ryan liked the game. Even so, I would have thought they could have been more appreciative of Swery taking the time to be interviewed. They were so unenthusiastic and the questions they asked were so bland, and frankly it was boring to watch.  
Not to get too off topic, I think you bring up a good point of people being susceptible of taking another person's opinion as their own and not being open to other opinions, reviews, or perspectives. On the other hand, you have people who are obsessed with wanting to argue about a review score that they don't agree with it. It seems when reviewers attach a score to their opinion, it's like a factual grade they put on the game and people get offended by it. Somehow they forget that this is just how another person feels and nothing more.  
I wish review scores weren't seen as necessary and people could form an opinion by the context of a review.  
Good blog post as always, Sweep. 

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I don't really understand how some people can say internet friends don't count. To each their own and everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I consider my internet friends to be very close to me. Just because we haven't physically been together doesn't detract from that. I mean, I've known one of my internet friends for about four years now and I'll be meeting him for the first time in a few days on a trip I'll be making through his city. And I feel a lot safer having somebody I know close by in case I get lost, since I've never been in the state before. 
I guess it depends on how comfortable people are with putting themselves out there to 'strangers on the internet.' But it's not really that hard to decipher after a while someone's personality online and whether you can befriend them seriously or not. Some may say you run the risk of them being totally fake, but how many people act fake in real-life? Not that much difference. (Except maybe in the extreme case of someone acting as a different gender, but they usually get caught anyway.)
All in all, I'm really grateful to have my internet friends. I consider them to be just as important as my real-life friends and I wouldn't want to change that for anything. <3

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@Foil1212: Hey Foil!  
This is like a semi-reunion thread. Haha. Awesome. 
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Hey jackob! Long time no talk.   
I'm sure Sweep will see this, if not on his own, someone will link it to him!

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@Disgaeamad: Haha, it's been forever since i've posted here. I'm good, how are you?
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Disgaea, you're scaring me. :( 

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I'm all for going back to 2D, not to say I don't love MK vs DC, but it will be nice to see the series return to it's roots. :)

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I have mixed feelings based on this video. On one hand, it does look pretty cool and I dig the dark style they're going for. On the other hand, I don't know if I like how they are trying to make every character 'realistic' by giving them human conditions/disorders. I mean, really, how can you realistically describe a backstory for characters like Raiden? And I much rather have some characters treated like they're supposed to be - not mortals with conditions.  
Eh, I guess we will all see how this turns out, for better or worse.

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99, 99, 99!  

/End ReBoot reference