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Maybe you guys think I'm making a bigger deal than I am. It was a bummer. Admit it. That's all. I'm not over here downing Xanax. Just ruins the mood of the podcast.

If you're saying things like it ruins the mood, then yeah, you're making it more of a deal than is necessary. It was gaming related news, got a mention, then the show went on as per usual. WHOOPTY DOOOOO.

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Never had this before myself, usually just some mild wrist ache. You should start being concerned if it doesn't go away over time, it could have been caused the way you slept or something. Have you ever fell asleep on your arms and they just die? Like you feel as though you've killed your arms because they're totally numb and you can't move them at all... Well that goes away pretty quickly, so maybe this is different. I hate falling asleep on my arms and killing them. Just be glad they come back to life, and hope your finger will be phoenix downed and also come back to life. Thank you.

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I'd take death talk over food talk any day of the week.

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He seemed great on the podcast and I assumed from there he'd just be a regular. I really dunno why he's not. As for video stuff, maybe he's not comfortable on camera, which is fine, but if that's not an issue I'd love to see him more often.

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I was really impressed with everything about it, even the opening scene made the whole festival culture seem appealing to me, someone who is not at all into that stuff. The controls are as good, if not better than the first game, which pretty much perfected open world driving controls. Flying through fields at 200mph was so flipping intense that I literally had my mouth open and couldn't help but take my hands off the controller because it felt too damn dangerous. Never once have I had that experience in a driving game before. The graphics and setting are beautiful, weather effects included. I was leaning towards renting, but after the demo I decided to just pre-order the digital day one edition. I love the confidence they're showing in it as well, wish more companies treated their games like that.

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It doesn't bother me at all. It also doesn't bother me when I know the solution to a puzzle and I'm watching them fail to figure it out (I mention this because it seems to make a lot of people crazy to the point they can't bear watching). The one single instance I've ever been annoyed when watching the guys was when Brad couldn't figure out how to manage his grip in SOTC. That's the single time since 2008 that something in a Giant Bomb video ever bothered me, and it was only slightly annoying.

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I said 3.12 before opening the thread to find it was 3.14, so uhh, yeah.

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Covering everything with ketchup.

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I had just arrived home from school to find my mom standing and watching the news on the little TV in the kitchen. I remember standing there for a long time watching this little TV even though there was a bigger one in the next room... I can't remember what I thought about it all at the time. It was hard to comprehend the magnitude of what was happening, I guess.

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I'm not exactly sure why, but I was really enjoying my time with the game, wasn't bored at all, and then once I beat what seemed to be the final mission and returned to the menu my desire to keep playing just dropped off a cliff. The multiplayer was enjoyable in the beta but I think I only got into it because I knew it wasn't going to go on for very long. I can't imagine myself getting deeply invested in it, and the singleplayer story was just nonsense -- they utterly failed at building a universe that I cared about in any way. I'm not feeling the desire to play the same Strikes over and over to get better gear, so I think I've gotten all I came for... Now I just wish I had rented instead of buying. I'm probably just gonna stick with the multiplayer in TLOU. I never find myself getting too tired of that.

I think my main issue is having to always return to a menu to then select a new thing to do. If it was all seamless, and the world was in any way worth exploring, I'd probably still be playing. The lack of communication features is also really disappointing. Even just simple things like the ability to thank a guy for reviving you, or say mark a target, would go a long way, but there's next to nothing in terms of communicating with other players. Maybe Destiny 2 will be able to fix a lot of these issues.