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@jarmahead: I'm really glad I don't share your perspective on things. Like, really so glad.

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I named Cloud Ichirou and Squall Jirou and Zidane Tarou and Tidus Sabutarou. I couldn't change Lightning's name but she'll always be 'Bimbo' to me anyway.

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I can't even imagine how that must feel. The fact someone came into the place you live and took your things... regardless of what they took, is beyond despicable. I hope life has a shit sandwich in store for whoever did this.

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No, skip past them.

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Is there only one boss per DLC?

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As someone who has only played to the point where I've unlocked the areas to access the DLC the bosses are too hard. The normal enemies are no problem, but the bosses kill me in a few hits and I do mediocre damage to them. I guess I should get further in and level up more. The areas are nice though.

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Never had a problem with the term gamer and I look down on those who do. LOOK DOWN ON THEM.

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I only ever used it to follow Giant Bomb staff, which is no longer necessary because they have their tweets on the front page now. I always heard about negativity on twitter but have never seen any of it myself. Doesn't strike me as a good platform for discussion about anything really.

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Japanese people will often only allude to what they are talking about rather than say it directly, in some cases even expecting you to have some form of telepathic ability to know exactly what they are getting at. And if you don't then it's probably because you're not Japanese. Translations like this are an unfortunate consequence of that, though these are actually very tame versions where it seems overt context is being relied upon rather than some deep understanding of the way of things.

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For an aeronautical engineering apprenticeship program I had to shape metal to exact sizes and shapes using nothing but hand tools, and a single millimeter over or under upon submitting it meant starting from scratch. The actual job required none of the skills learned during the apprenticeship either, so I essentially spent 8 months shaping thick pieces of metal into random shapes for nothing.