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When not playing any multiplayer (as I have been recently) I tend to only play games when they come out, and I finish them within a few days most of the time. I don't play older games so I could easily go months without playing anything. Never made an effort to play a game just for the sake of it.

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That'd be a humongous waste of time.

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I read the whole thing and still dunno what GamerGate is exactly. Is it a group of people denouncing certain games and the women making them? To the point they send death threats? No game is that bad. That's uncalled for, and downright mean-spirited.

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I am baffled a bit as to both why Jeff and others are bewildered by people caring about the work they put out and why people care so much about it.

I'd say your in the minority there, at least when it comes to users of this site. There's a difference between caring and losing your shit over a number that has been assigned to a game. Those are the people Jeff, and many others, find bewildering.

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All good stuff, just wish they were faster at getting these updates out the door.

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They are displayed on the screen so I voted video. I guess I was wrong?

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There's something very 2006 about the way that dude is animated.

More like 2007 if you ask me.

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While I found that disturbing, I can't help but feel I'm being somewhat of a hypocrite for taking issue with it. I've happily toyed with and ended the lives of civilians in plenty of games, yet this still seems wrong. That doesn't mean I wouldn't play it though, which again, brings up my own offence-taking hypocrisy. Vinny's tweet about the person you are and the person you think you are not liking each other didn't make sense to me until now.

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I'm surprised how many people watch blu rays. I've never watched one myself, but then I don't buy movies, and don't care too much as long as the picture is decent enough.

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They get to play and experience the game before I do, and then assign a number to represent how much enjoyment it gave them. Yeah, that's pretty darn useful, but only in aggregate, which is why I trust Metacritic. I very rarely play a game and strongly disagree with its Metacritic score.