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He was the best all-round character in this particular game and the best gay character in any game I've played. I was legitimately disappointed that I chose to play as a woman because once I found out he was gay I knew I'd miss out on getting more dialogue out of him.

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Playing WoW for as long as I did / choosing games over studying many times throughout my younger years.

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No idea how serious you were being with either your first post or your response, but you suggested that a depressed person should stop bumming us all out and keep their troubles bottled up inside. Criticism, even in the form of mockery, is the proper response to that.

I suggested no such thing and condemn the accusation. I merely stated what I --not any other individual-- would make more of an effort to do. If that judgement on my part is deserving of mockery then I must apologize for I will no longer be partaking in this discussion as, by my reckoning at the very least, it has already gone to the dogs and thus become mangled beyond mortal comprehension.

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Darn straight. Public displays of sadness are the worst. Entertain me! Dance internet monkey, Dance!

Why are you mocking me in public? It doesn't seem right at all. I'd perhaps expect this sort of malignant lack of decency from a rabble, certainly not from someone who wishes to partake in a civilized discussion on an esteemed gaming forum such as this.

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Public displays of blue funk, talk of things that are best left unsaid, have never sat well with me. If I were him I'd make more of an effort to live in obscurity.

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I've had many headsets over the years and have come to the conclusion that only Sennheiser know how to make headphones that I can wear for hours at a time without feeling any discomfort.

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Virgin Media in the UK, speed never dips and never had a cap in the 10+ years I've had it.

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I'd say about 5 or 6. I beat TLOU 3 times to get a platinum trophy, not sure if that counts.

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I already own a lot of the games they talked about and even after hearing them greatly extol said games I feel no desire to play them myself. I didn't enjoy Shadow of Mordor to anywhere near the extent most people seem to have, either. Even though I no longer play it due to it consuming my life in an unhealthy way, TLOU MP at 60 FPS/HD was beyond a doubt the best gaming experience this year for me. Phenomenal game.