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Graces' Asbel was getting Suzaku comparisons from fans pretty much as soon as Graces was revealed, since they look similar, have similar "white knight"-style themes, and are both voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese. Code Geass is a Bandai property, Tales is Namco' a fan joke turned into a convenient tie in. At least that's how it's always looked to me. They tried doing a similar thing with Star Driver costumes for Xillia, too, though that never seemed to make as much sense. I think the Geass set is pretty cool as DLC costumes go, the character parallels are clever, but I also seem to remember the costume DLC for Graces costing 250-500 yen per individual costume in Japan - even if it did come out here (which I don't expect) I wouldn't buy it unless it were significantly cheaper than that.

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Well, I might be concerned about this if it were necessary to play games I already own on a platform other than the one I already own to play them on. I think most people who have UMD games will likewise not be rendered incapable of playing them just because the PSV comes out.

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@ArbitraryWater: No, it's an entirely new Fire Emblem game. The second DS Fire Emblem game still seems to be staying in Japan.

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@NaCl: I think we're talking about different things. I was responding to the article's "where are the games for everyone else?" and the tone of brushing off the games that were talked about, which doesn't imply so much that the 3DS is past saving and no quality or quantity of software announcements for it will save it, which is what you seem to be saying, but rather that the software Nintendo discussed was inadequate somehow. I'd say that it's completely possible that the 3DS is doomed, but some good games will come out for it before the end, and there are people who would like to know about those games.

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@NaCl: I suppose "great" might be a strong word, but they are announcements of/about games which interest plenty of people. Yeah, the general 3DS situation is still shit, I agree about that, but that doesn't make the variety of games they spoke about something no one wants to hear about. l3reak conveyed my sentiment better.

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Nintendo confirmed a new Fire Emblem game

This is the only important piece of news that could possibly be announced about the 3DS. Now I have to buy one of those stupid things.

This sounds like a series of great announcements I should go read about on a website that isn't going to automatically dismiss them due to...I don't quite know why.

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I'm hoping that they go ahead and call P4's main character Charlie Tunoku.

why would they, the endurance run is not at all that popular (also it sounds like he's being named Yu Narukami, which is what he was named in the manga & anime)

Actually, Yu is his name in the anime only. He's named Souji in the manga.

The scans for the fighting game say Yu Narukami by his character, so I'm guessing that's what he'll be called in this.

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Too bad it's only Persona 3 and 4, but still. Persona 4 is one of my favorite things. Blazblue is also one of my favorite things. Please, nobody wake me up, I want to dream this forever.

My wish is: a musical collaboration between Shoji Meguro and Daisuke Ishiwatari in there. Somehow.

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Yeah, it still doesn't have any games I want to play and it's still region-locked. Still no purchase here.