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Very Enjoyable Adventure! 0

This is my first true Paper Mario purchase and experience on my own (played a few minutes of the first on N64 at a friends place back in the day) and i have to say it's amazing! This game is unique as it tries to blend an RPG battle system with an adventure game and while some fans of the traditional game might not like this change i feel it works smooth and clean and adds some strategy to the adventure. Many traditional Paper Mario themes still hold in place such as the comedic dialoge,a worl...

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a fantastic journey 0

The legend of Zelda ocarina  of time is a fantasticly epic journey years ahead of its time.this like many zelda  games  before it this game takes place in the land of hyrule with them for the first time using 3d graphics this game challenges you with puzzle skills and and endurance fights with enemys and bosses.OOT offers hours of fun and challenge and whatever version you get will offer the same experiance its a huge adventure that you have to play to beleave and i would reccomend it to anyone....

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more of the same...but in a good way 0

If you havent seen my review for Kirby nightmare in dream land then you probibly wont know my thoughts on this game so i'll lay it out again.this game is almost identical to that and the amazing mirror but thats NOT a bad thing.its still platforming mixed with puzzle solving and mini games all great and fun things to do that bring you back into the game for possibly years to come.I can summerize this game in 2 words fun and challenging its fun in the fact that its Kirby and it sticks to the Kirb...

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the very best of kirby! 0

Anyone who is as much of a fan as i am of the Kirby series will tell you that this is one you shuould definitely have this one in your collection! this game is a remake of Kirby's Adventure for the snes and its done FANTASTICLY! the plot is simple an evil force has been unleashed upon dreamland and its up to you Kirby to stop it by inhailing enemies  and using their abilites against them and working your way through the levels.This game combines platforming,puzzle solving and a few mini games an...

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the transformers game that could have been 0

So for me im a huuuge Transformers fan and when i heard about war for cybertron it seemed almost too good to be true.When i finally bought the game i was blown away! the visuals,the sound effects and gameplay were great! and seemingly what a transformers game should be.However sadly the game suffers from many problems such as an inital start up load time,laggy multiplayer,and several other bugs.Since ive spent all of my time on the game with multiplayer i cant speak for campaign but im telling y...

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Medal of Honor is Underrated 0

Medal of Honor in my opinion is a highly underrated game! Shure much of this game dosnt add anything new or groundbreaking to the FPS genre but what it does have is a great and easy to understand campaign and very fun and addictive multiplayer.This game has been compaired to the likes of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and even COD but in all reailty not only does it borrow elements from both but its play style and maps are unique in a good way it feels more like an actuall mlitary firefight,having to...

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black ops multiplayer review 0

This review is going to focus solely on the multiplayer of Call of Duty:Black Ops for the PS3 and is basied solely on my experiances.So what do i think of the multiplayer? well it follows the formula that most other COD games before it have and it also adds some new elements to the formula aswell such as new game modes and ect,but the core of the experiance should be fun gameplay! which in my opinion just barely holds up in this game.The gameplay is very glitchy espcaily with hit dectection i fi...

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Mx vs Atv review 0

Over the past few years the MX vs ATV franchise has had it's ups and downs but THQ has decided to attempt to revive the franchise with their latest release of MX vs ATV Alive.This game is great! if you are a motocross fan, someone who follows the sport,or a dedicated fan of the franchise you should find this one enjoyable! The game starts you off as a rookie rider looking to go up the ranks with the help from pro supercross legend James Stewart but unlike leveling up in other racing  games this ...

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