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Take care, Alexis! Happy to hear you will be working at Twitch. I hope to see your influence on that site in the near future.

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@drzing said:

Hmm, I really need to work out how to extend the Rift cables 10 feet or so if that's even possible. Have to sit way too close to my TV now in an uncomfortable chair to use it.

You might have some luck with that, though Oculus advises you don't since it may introduce latency.

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Those are amazing. I would have these framed!

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It took less than a day, but thanks to the effort of some users over at the Oculus Rift subreddit, you can now play Alien: Isolation with the Oculus Rift support that was implemented by The Creative Assembly themselves and disabled for the consumer release.

Here are the instructions on how to enable it yourself:

1) in ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML (found in the DATA folder) change the stereo options to:

<Setting name="Stereo Mode"> <Quality name="Rift" precedence="4"/> <Quality name="Off" precedence="4"/> </Setting> 

If this is does not work delete the line <Quality name="Off" precedence="4"/> but you may have to change "Rift" to "Off" in the XML if you want to use 2D again.

2) Set the Oculus to extended mode.

3) In the oculus configuration utility pause the service.

4) Start the game, play and enjoy. When done, do step 5.

5) To play the game normally (revert it back to 2D), reactivate the service by opening the display mode and set it to "direct to rift" and voila

Loading Video...

I played the first hour of Alien: Isolation with the DK2 earlier today and it works great. You can watch how to set up everything yourself at the 59:25 mark if you are still having trouble getting it running yourself.

The cutscenes appear on a screen in front of you, and menus float. If you lean in too close to something, your screen darkens. Full positional tracking is in effect, so you can lean around corners and zoom in on objects. I am very impressed with how easy it is to setup and how well it all works. My main issues involve the HUD and not always being able to read instructions or controls. I haven't had any issues with motion sickness or anything. I am playing on a GTX 660 and Intel Core i7 3770 and everything was smooth. I just went with the default options for everything. You can press in both bumpers on the 360 controller to reset your view.

I plan on recording as much of the game as I can, which may not be much more if I end up getting too scared. I am not a fan of horror games, and playing them in VR makes them a far more intense ordeal. It is exciting to play a full, proper video game with the Rift, though.

Let me know if you have any questions or trouble setting Rift support up.

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I've never played this or even seen footage of it I think, but I'll check it out.

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I had no idea the HD collections removed so much. I always just assumed they were higher res, 60 FPS versions of the best PS2 versions. This is making me rethink what versions I should play when I do my chronological playthrough.

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Maybe Dan is hoping that we'll still be waiting for this episode next week to see if we'll all die of old age.

I understood that reference.

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@afabs515: Thank you very much!! Haven't heard it before and really like it :)

It's impossible not to dance to it while waiting for a Giant Bomb stream to start.

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I haven't noticed it. Cussing is the best, though.

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@milkman said:

"Did that say cyber raptor?" may secretly be the best Giant Bomb moment of all-time.

I really, really need to watch that series.