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So, are you putting it away till Christmas? We don't have any kids, so we just have mini Christmas when we buy something new HaaHaa!!

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If you plan on buying all the components anyway, then you won't find a better price.

Starter Pack: Regular Price $70

3 Character Packs: Regular Price $20

Adventure Packs: Regular Price $20

Also, the Best Buy exclusive should contain the Volcanic Vault, which is not found in starter packs purchased elsewhere.

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@RecSpec: I got the Skylanders 3DS starter pack from TRU ($20.00 off.) BF got a few Skylanders figurines @ half off each.

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We've had the game about 2 weeks. The good: 1. speaks to your inner collector (if you go ape s**t for collectible figuines) 2. The game does get more complex as you progress. 3. Fun coop, and the exp you earn at a friends house is stored in the figuines. 4. Easter eggs in ever level. 5. Love the voice acting and the soundtrack. 6. Entire online MMO, separate from the actual game. The bad: 1. LOTS of freezing and dc in the online game (did they realize so many ppl would be logging in?) 2. Unless you buy additional characters, the game would be over too soon. 3. Max level is 10 on each character. 4. Online game not available for ios market (does not look forthcoming) Overall, we really enjoy the game. The integration of gaming and toys is a perfect fit! Can't wait to see what is yet to come with this technology. Sorry, typed this on iPad and it jams it altogether.

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An American folk singer. My parents were hippies.

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I bet you guys had a good laugh! 
I'm sure your this funny situation cheered your mom up :)
I'm with you. I gave up red and processed meats about a year ago and feel so much better.

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Girl POV here:
A little token on a first date is nice, but a necklace is too far. This being the first time you are meeting, trust me she'll be nervous enough. Don't add "creepy stalker vibe" to the situation.
A single stem flower would be perfect... and if it works out maybe the necklace for Valentine's Day?

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You could go on and set up a Mechanical Turk. You have to pay people to take the survey, but you'll get a good result.

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Back when I thought I was cool... 

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What's wrong with wearing jorts in the winter? In some places it's hot!