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Hey I just reupped for the expansion my account is Beesuit#1388, thanks!

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Thanks for doing this Rorie!

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@metal_mills: this is actually what I was looking for haha, I dont think anyone's uploaded it.

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I'm trying to find the bombcast or section where Jeff is reading something with an accent that keeps changing. I vaguely remember it eventually evolved into a Mexican one? Thanks for the help!

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So the Frog represents Russia and the girl is Crimea?

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Against my better judgement picked up the game on sale......are there any giantbomb regions still active? :P

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I saw the announcement during a morning lecture and just started choking up. How can those that never knew Ryan and followed gamespot/giantbomb understand the gaming community's anguish?

I've been trying to articulate what Ryan was, is and always will be to this community for a while and finally came to the conclusion words cannot do justice. Like many of this generation I followed gamestop and Ryan for a good decade. The Ron Graphite sketch, E3 Schwag giveaway and Sonic rant are the three Ryan moments that I always remember and stupidly grin. Every single one of us has a Ryan moment that just clicks with them. Ryan and the rest of the Giantbomb crew made us feel as if we were their closest pals, this is what makes them so special.

The Giantbomb crew have do deal with something so painful; I can't even begin to imagine what his wife must be feeling. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Davis family.

I look forward to the latest bombcast with bitter-sweetness. Farewell Ryan, you were an inspiration, guide and friend to us all

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity"

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Honestly they should do a "Best of Ryan" week or weeks. Just post memorable Ryan videos like TANG and his QLs. It's all we should ask of them and need in terms of content.

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Hey if this is still active, I'm on the 360. Gamertag: Chewii101