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@BeachThunder: Maybe you'r a genius?

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Haha, I remember this, pretty epic.

What is the name of the music?

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There's a problem inherent in that, however: because of the evolutionary way that American English is, it makes it an incredibly difficult language for many to learn when it is not their primary language.

What??? English is one of the most easiest language to learn. Not even close to the complexity of german, russian or even french or italian.

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So, it's been a week and my head is still in the clouds. For my birthday, I grabbed my favourite code monkey and together we drove from Phoenix to Seattle. On the way we stopped in San Francisco to deliver some candies to the good folks of Whiskey Media because I happen to be a chocolatier and what better way to say, "Hey, thanks for existing," than bacon caramels.

We completely expected to buzz the door, drop of the boxes and be on our merry way but to our (okay, my more than my road buddy's) astonishment, Perry gave us a tour of the entire office. I SAW PATRICK KLEPEK'S HAIR! And, of course, I fangirled over everything. (OMG There's the Red Phone. Look, it's MakerBot. Hey, we are standing in the room where Vinny fixed the sound card in the Joust cocktail cabinet!) They are probably still hosing the place down.

I can't believe how incredibly nice everyone was that I had the opportunity to chat with. I'm just a nerd girl with a box of candy. Nobody had to acknowledge my existence, but they did. That was pretty damn cool.

sounds sexy!

Btw... bacon caramels? Wtf. Americans have such a junk-foodish taste.

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Wow look at you go. Spin me right round baby like a roller coaster. Dynamic phasing helps spread the load out across the server. This means if there's a huge population on starter worlds you'll see 8 phases of the dame planet. (headaches and ghost towns galore!) As the population moves forward in chapters the starter planet phases decrease, but the mid planet phases increase. Eventually when the bulk of the server population hits the chapter 3 planets..... well I hope you're bright enough to connect the dots. Now the Dynamic part Erickson talked about was able to the ability for phases to raise and lower their population caps in relation to the server load. This means that as phases shrink down to single digits, they will also be able to hold more people and when populations are high they will create multiple phases that contain a very small amount of people. Think of it like an hour glass, except the glass that contains the sand can also expand and contract. This system is part of the server architecture and is going nowhere, hence will be around forever like I stated.

Omg. That sounds pretty horrible. I hope you are wrong, cause I just bought the game and don't wanna run around in ghost towns :(

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In Los Angelese, HELL to the NO. $60,000 a year is pushing it here.

WHAT?? Please elaborate on that. Sounds kind of ridiculous

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So yes, in certain territories it is 'sold out' but this varies depending on where you are. In the UK digital is sold out. In the US the regular is sold out but there are still digital deluxe.

I'm in the US and it still let's me order the regular digital version.

If I use


There is still the possibility to order the digital version. The problem is that once I press the "buy now on origin" I always get redirected to the origin site that goes with the country i'm currenty in and here it's digitally sold out.

On every other site, like... says it's sold out, but that doesn't matter anyways cause I can't access any other version of origin anyways.


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Origin is sold out of them. Any other shops that sell digital copies of this game?


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@dudeglove: really? like what %?