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#1 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

Maybe he'll die.  That would be cool, because let's face it, people this ignorant really don't need to be anywhere near the gene pool.

#2 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

The Chupacabra is buying the living SHIT out of this game whenever it finally comes out.

#3 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

It truly amazes me, the lack of common sense some people have.

1. You don't move any kind of CD/DVD player while the disc is inside, period, unless it's like a discman.  Not knowing that your disc can be damaged by a drive being moved (especially dropped or changing the drive's angle) is just retarded on an epic scale.

2. You don't place a console on the floor, ESPECIALLY IN CARPET.  That's asking for your system to be stepped on or fried by static electricity.

It truly amazes me that people don't know this stuff, and no one should be able to purchase a console without it.  I mean, c'mon.

#4 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

boinked said muffin

#5 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -


People always grabbing the Chupster's Solid Snake...

#6 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -


You kill it with a human.  (They make excellent bludgeons.)

#7 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

A) The Splendiferous Chupacabra has no clue what a Left 4 Dead "BR" is.

B) What is the sound of one hand slapping Angelina Jolie's ass?

#8 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

The Chupster decrees Metal Gear Solid 4 to be complete horseshit.  As according to the Great and Wonderful Rules of All Great and Wonderful Games: And lo, a game shall not be called 'epic,' nor 'great,' nor 'essential' or 'a masterpiece' nor even 'good' if it be not possessing of great Fun and a Control Scheme That Doesn't Suck The Ass Out of a Donkey, and yea verily, Metal Gear Solid 4 fails these qualifications in every way.

Not Excellent Cinematics, nor Graphics of Extreme Wickedness, nor a Soundtrack For Which Is To Be Worth Dying For, nor a Popular Character make a truly Great and Wonderful Game, and Metal Gear Solid 4 is relegated to the Realm of Excessive Crapdom, where its carcass shall feed the Fanboys Who Know No Shame, forever and ever, amen.

The Great and Mighty Chupacabra has spent a great several hours with the demo, and has deemed it a lost cause, and thus this thread fails utterly.

But Resistance 2 and Valkyria kick much ass indeed.

#9 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

LOL, no, I meant in regards to my entry, not your PMs, lol

#10 Posted by Chupacabra24 (16 posts) -

The Chupster admits it; the Chupster had nothing.  :P

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