Best of 2011

It's time again for another (pointless?) game of the year list, even though this year Giant Bomb doesn't officially keep track of what the users voted for. A shame, as it was a fun feature in 2010, and I hope it'll return in 2012.

2011 was overall a great year for gaming. It was a year filled with sequels to great franchises, but was unfortunately a bit lacking in the new IP department. And I'll just throw it out right now; there were several big games I didn't have time or money to play this year, such as Portal 2, Saints Row: The Third, Batman: Arkham City, Dead Space 2, and so on. I'm also playing mostly on my Xbox 360 since my PC is slowly dying and I can't afford to buy a new one, and I don't own a PS3. Anyway, here we go!

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That was a nice read. Well done.