Yes, Resurgence is good...but...

Do we really NEED recycled maps? That seems to be the question of the day within the MW2 community regarding DLC.  
With the release of 3 new maps; Carnival, Fuel and Trailer Park, the MW2 community has been given a fix for the time being having some new environments to immerse themselves in. In addition, an update to the playlist structure had been brought along which includes a Barebones mode which offers users the chance to play without Air Support.  
I won't turn this into a review on the new maps however, as that would be getting away from the focus of this piece. What we are REALLY here to discuss is the question, "Why recycle old maps?"  
The most obvious reason is to give players another crack at their favourite COD4 maps with MW2 features. However, is this the SOLE reason behind bringing back previous work? 
We know that 3 of the released maps were new, now let's say that was the entirety of the Resurgence DLC. Would you be happy with paying $15.00 for 3 maps? Some would say yes but I am positive many would disagree. This leaves the question, is the choice to make the 2 extra maps revamps a marketing or public relations decision? Do they do it to save design time and just brush up a few things around the map? Or is it a legitimate effort at keeping previous COD4 fans enticed enough to buy into MW2 brotherhood? 
I continue to weigh the evidence and form an unbiased opinion. However, this remains difficult. Thoughts? Suggestions? Vent here....

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