After a day of reflection:

I was excited yesterday, but time has a way of changing that. I'm left scratching my head a little. Questions are starting to pop up in my head. Like this one, why would CBSi buy a video game website and put it in the same building as its competitor?
Which leads only to more questions. Can Giant Bomb coexist with Gamespot as its sister site? In a few years time, will Giant Bomb eventually be absorbed into Gamespot? 
Gamespot is still wildly popular with a large amount of site traffic. How could they not want the Giant Bomb personalities for their own. I feel like there is more to this then what is being stated. Sure Giant Bomb will exist as is with some small changes here and there, but what if this is just a buffer phase? Could you imagine the upheaval if Giant Bomb stated, hey, we are now Gamespot and Gamespot is now Giant Bomb?
Maybe it's the way that other company changed Tested already or maybe I'm just being paranoid. But when you see a video of Vinny checking his telephone messages from his old job as if he had just taken a long vacation, it makes you wonder.
If Giant Bomb gets a cursing filter on their forums, this Other Motherfucker will be pissed.


March Madness

I can't believe the news today. Wow, from downtown, they shoot, they score!
The forums are blowing up, but I'm not worried. I hope everything works out great for all the Whiskey Media family. This is going to be a wild ride. Strap it on.


Claude's Closing Credits: The Lost and Damned

I thought I would try a new series of blogs to supplement my Claude's Candy Corner. These blogs will be for games just finished and having saw the closing credits.  

I recently purchased Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City for the Xbox 360. As you know, there are two games on this disk; The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. It's weird how you get a feeling to play certain types of games or games from your past. I really wanted to revisit Liberty City and see the sites of this grand city with these once only DLC titles. I knew after four years it might feel strange going back to this land, but I felt the need for GTA.
I just finished The Lost and Damned, wanted to play the two games in order, and boy was it a shock going back to these controls after all these years. I wouldn't call the controls clunky as they are more sticky if anything. Now the driving on the other hand works like a charm after a short learning curve. But the characters and the city are what drive this game and in that regard they do not disappoint.

 Damn girl, good luck.
Once I was introduced to the characters, hey there's Niko Bellic in the opening montage, I knew this was going to be pretty damn cool. Johnny Klebitz "who you play and vice president of the Lost" really doesn't like Billy "the president of the Lost" barging back in after a stint in the pen and going off on whatever whim he finds necessary. The story basically follows the idea of brotherhood, betrayal and revenge. I'm not going to dwell on the story, but needless to say, the story and the characters served their purpose well.
Bullet thoughts on the game. 
 Niko! What up dog!
*Seeing Niko Bellic and other cast members from GTA IV after four years was pretty cool. I really liked how the game overlapped some of GTA IV's moments.
*Man these shooting controls feel odd, old or something. Oh yeah, they feel sticky, just like the camera control.
*Raced a few races, moving on.
*Fought a few turf wars, moving on.
*Played some pool, hungout a couple of times, moving on.
*Saving the game and then creating hell on earth for those around me, priceless.
*Cool radio stations, finally got bored and turned it off.
*A wonderful feeling of satisfaction after completing a mission with little health left.
*Fuck you, you, you video game, when receiving another mission directly after completing a mission with little health.
*Putting a bullet in a member's head that I couldn't stand never felt so good.
*Putting a bullet in another member's head to end the game got a fist in the air. Yes.
Favorite Moments  
 Haha, well, hello kitty.

Seeing a penis in digital form. I had heard about it, but seeing it was funny as shit.
Early on I had to drive a bus full of criminals to the docks. I screwed up and ran off a high bridge onto a water tower. I thought I was done for, but the bus kept falling upright. Actually, the bridge and water tower incident helped me get away from the cops. That bus was smoking like hell when that mission ended.
I'm not sure if this scenario was triggered by me or the game. I was on a mission and had to ride on the back of a motorcycle and shoot stuff to get away. At one point three cops were on our ass as they went through a gas station. I hit one of the pumps and BOOM!!! My god it was glorious watching those cars flip and burn. I had a shit eating grin after that one.
The ending was cool and then you watch some interesting moments from GTA IV while you watch the credits roll. Then you're back in the game if you want to continue to play. Awesome. I've barely touched The Ballad of Gay Tony, but I already like the characters. Should be fun.
Hey, thanks for reading. Until next time.