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I love how my Wii U plays my old Wii games. I still have my Wii plugged up to play my GameCube games. Pretty cool.

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Loved reading that. And on a side, there are some smart motherfucking users on Giant Bomb that articulate their points well. Nice discussion, tried to read a lot of it.

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He's been there done that, but always learning. The Witcher way.

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Tried Inquisition and the shit sucked ass. Witcher 3, well, it kicks ass.

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My name is Claude. My avatar is from Space Station Silicon Valley which I found while submitting images to the Giant Bomb wiki when the site first went live.

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@tajasaurus: @blupotato: If you are playing on the PS4, you can use the zoom feature in game to read text better. Just hit the home button plus the square to zoom in. To turn it on go to settings, accessibility, zoom.

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@penguindust: I check the forums everyday. For some reason, I just quit posting. Weird. Haven't written a blog in two years. This place always feels like home though.

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@mb: Oh man. Now I'm stuck with the 41 to 45 crowd. Lol. Way to go MB.

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I'm 50 and still play a shit ton of video games. It's a life long hobby for me, why slow down now.