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Holy crap 200cc is fast. It's crazy seeing the other karts zooming around. The DLC tracks are cool as well.

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By mods are in existenc in their existence.

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Video game sales are weird.

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Playing so many other games on the Wii U and while catching up, I really don't care. But fuck, I love my god damn Wii U. Fuck You.

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I remember this being done back in the day. It did not end well. A lot of OCD bombers.

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Other Motherfucker is always the best choice when options are not fully understood.

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I voted for the N64. SNES was cool. Really didn't like the PS1. And the Genesis was meh. If I had to rank them.

1 N64


3 PS1

4 Genesis

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I bought Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 when I bought a PS3 a couple of years ago. Made it about halfway in 1 and quit. I moved on to 2 thinking it would be better, but nope. Again, about halfway through I got tired of the characters, Nathan Drake is a douchebag, the game play, spent more time cursing the game, and finally said fuck it, I'm out. Didn't even try 3.

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So PC to be upset. Played it on the on the 3 and 4 and was great. Consoles are dead.

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I have a friend that's twenty five years old, loves movies. Hasn't seen shit before 1989 or so. No 70s, no 60s, no classics. You don't know shit about film.