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I would like to see more survival horror games like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. That game was a trip. I was always on edge in the real world despite the fact I was never in harms way. But then you're transported to cold scary place and your only chance to survive is to run like hell. Loved that game. Plus, the story was cool.

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NNID ClaudeRuff

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My NNID is ClaudeRuff.

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@claude said:

Amazing. Where will be in the next five and half years?

I confuse. What?

Sorry, I meant to say, amazing, wonder where we will be in the next five and half years. As in, staff, fans and so on.

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Amazing. Where will be in the next five and half years?

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Because video gamers love to hate video games and all that comes with it.

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Dead Space Extraction is a prequel that came out after the original Dead Space. It's a light gun game or guided experience that can be found on the Wii and PS3. It's pretty good too.

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My world is better because of them. Philanthropy is a great thing.

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Stealth is a joke in this game. Remember that your counterpart has no effect and play according to the game. I played it on easy and still found some frustrating parts. Just fuck the game on easy and persevere was my cause of desire. The End.

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Really good video. Enjoyed watching.

Wanted to mention something you said during your GotY segment about GTA V and Sleeping Dogs. I know people love Sleeping Dogs, but damn, it's not that good. I got it for free for being an Xbox Live Gold member, and after a couple of hours, I'm like, dude, where's the fun at. How people think it's better than GTA V is beyond me.