Claude's Candy Corner: Year End Awards

I wish I had a PS3 Award goes to... PS3
I wish I could play all the games Award goes to... All the games 
I love my goddamn Wii Award goes to... I haven't played Skyward Sword. Santa needs to get his ass in gear. Thanks, Santa... 
My Giant Bomb user Award goes to Video_Game_King.  He's the goddamn motherfucking king. Fuck him.
Giant Bomb in general Award goes to... Patrick Klepek. Be you as you grow, you're good.
The worst Award goes to...  "Giant Bomb" make it better, faster, stronger... well, good luck.
The Other Motherfucker Award goes to... let's see the results.


Skyrim Spam Troll...Troll Spam Skyrim

The Eternal Skyrim. I keep playing. It calls me back in.

Playing on the Xbox 360. Fun for me, I can only hope for the others.
I see and live in this world and want more. This game reminds me that video games are video games. I've played so many I see the tricks. You recognize an engine well when you've played with the mods and modded the cells.
A door is a cell. A different world. It's a seam. Weave it and I will wear it.
I feel as if I'm still engaging in this land. A rugged tough land, with only 80 hours in. A Nord of Dragonscale smithing fame, an Arch Mage by playing the game. On the Xbox 360, new dash, push "A" for play.
You've been Clauded

Claude's Candy Corner: Turkeys can't fly

Eat turkey for first Thanksgiving and go home and crash "hour nap in a flash", wake up and prepare for second Thanksgiving and go, go, go, eat again and then...home. Relax.

I'm thankful and full.

Decided to watch the Greg Kasavin Skyrim marathon for a while. Good stuff. There's some meat in those videos.


Skyrim on the 360 has reached a fever limit. Patch or no, this game is grand.

Happy American Thanksgiving to a world of Giant Bomb. Kiss my ass.

To the games we play in the future. To the game we play. We play. Next.


Loarfy: From the realm of Claude

I don't know why or how I befollowed Loary, but I did. But I happened upon this blog and profile and had to promote it. The artwork is incredible and enjoyable and relevant. 
 If you're reading this on the forums, you have options. Good luck.


Claude's Candy Corner: Skyrim

The best of three games learned and not forgotten and a little more. I can't help but feel the influence of Fallout 3 in Skyrim and then Oblivion creeps in and shows me my home. Morrowind is the gritty reality of living hard and making your way. Kiss my ass, Skyrim is great. 
What more can I say? If you have a way, just play, you can even Bioshock if that's your wish. I pick flowers for my power and you can call me Mr. Smith.
I'm playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360 and have few complaints. This game is on a grand scale and stories to tell.