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i wonder if they will like arrest the guy who made that map like they did with the guy who made his School a CSS map

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@Akeldama said:
" @Slaker117 said:
" Zipper. That is all. "
ya poor zipper got it bad. in fact i was interested in that game and then boom even my bro mentioned it LOL
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Can anyone help me with 2 more CSS Achievements and maybe some more (TF2 and other steam games). The Clan Warfare achievement and The Road to Hell are the achievements i need help with. ya i know i suck i cant get em without help XD

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@Doctorchimp said:
" Golf....obviously... "
yes...Golf how do they have their own channel WTF?!?!?!
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i might join on ps3
PSN: CLemATic333

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nah ur just terrible at it u gotta be lvl 20 and up to be able to own in that game lol

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okay i understand the swastika part but come one WE CANT MAKE A UNICORN BANG SOMETHING? well i better go tell my friend to get rid of his horse banging a crouching soldier XD lolz that sucks

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 Isaac Newton is Fucking Pissed, my friend Ghost agrees...

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I WOULD GET VVVVVV BUT I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THE CHALLENGING SHIT THAT I HAVE TO GO THREW, I DON'T LIKE HARD THINGS XD lol i forgot to say i has 25 bucks to spend XD but im thinking VVV and Minecraft and Trinity. what u guys say does matter cuz now im seriously looking at VVV i mean i had Grid Runner already but then reloaded my pc and forgot to save that shit soo its gone... forever... unless i get it on steam WHICH IS WHY I LOVES STEAM