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A couple more points to add to this line of discussion, from another subs moderator:

  • It's been mentioned that you should do an advanced search before you suggest new pages, which I would like to re-emphasize, but please also note that the search engine hiccups a bit if your search query has a colon in it, so if you're submitting, for instance, Resistance: Retribution, search up Resistance instead of the whole title.
  • Please, please, please put down what type of change you are making in the box at the bottom. Are you relating similar games?  Are you adding games to a character?  If you're making changes to article text, what section is it from?  These things really help us prioritize and streamline when approving submissions.  "Adding information" doesn't really help us, because hopefully that's what you're all doing! =)
  • I will re-emphasize that we'd like Giant Bomb to be fresh and original.  If people want information from Wikipedia, they'll go there.  Let's build our own world here, yeah?
  • Finally, please be patient with us.  You're going to get a lot of stuff rejected because in 3+ days' time, other people are going to come up with the same characters to add and similar games to relate and all these other wonderful things as you do.  As Jax said, it's a process, we're doing our best to make it work, and we're all together on this.

Hang in there and keep up the good work, everyone!  Remember to not be bitter about points, they're just a number.  I'm constantly amazed at what everyone is coming up with (someone please fill in the grass concept page we just approved with ridiculous minutiae)!
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I moved the topic to Editing and Tools, as it seems to fit better here.

We don't have an official way to report copyright violations just yet, but please refrain from replacing the content with just a notice and submitting, as that only adds to the queue.  I think for now we can keep this page open as a "citizen journalism" page and we'll keep an eye on it for stuff.

Thank you!

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Just stop feeding the troll, kids, he's obviously not going to change his mind, and we can all go our separate ways.

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I think we should classify them all under a "Puzzle League" franchise, as that seems to have been the most persistent name for the games over time.

I definitely agree that there needs to be a franchise for the series, though.

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Thanks! =)

I may expand it further, not yet though.

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You know, Portal was great, but I'm going to have to throw my hat to Audiosurf.  That game is amazing.

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You guys realize there was a thread exactly like this yesterday, too, right?  I don't think people listened then, and I doubt they'll listen now...

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When you type in the editor, and highlight text with the keyboard, the heading/title/subtitle dropdown doesn't become enabled, only when you highlight text with the mouse.

In FF 2.0 and 3.0 on Windows/OS X, respectively.

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Last night I went through and wrote basically the entire Tetris Attack page.  I also got Yoshi added as a character; probably going to request Kamek next.