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@atheistium: Thanks! I made those Retroforce ones, remember? Were they that much worse? xD
@Nemesis:  I used Ableton Live, it's all real instruments apart from the choir.
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@Kajaah117 said:
" Awesome job duder! There's still something about the key the violin is playing in that doesn't sound very Christmas-y though. I still love it, but it sounds really chilling and haunting to me. "
I see a lot of people say that! I just listened to the source theme and played along, it's not exactly Frosty the Snowman xD I thought real instruments plus sleigh-bells was festive. I think in the low bit-rate of the podcast it sounds much more nefarious than in the larger soundspace of how I actually recorded it. Thanks everybody for your feedback ^^
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Hi everyone,
I saw in the comments that people wanted it so here is the full Christmas Giant Bomb theme I made, it's higher quality too:
Have a lovely holidays!

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In the Famitsu scans, the name under the female protagonist's persona still says Orpheus just the same. The big pink letters say Female Protagonist, underneath that it says that she's voiced by Marina Inoue.

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Don't check IGN for a few more details, check here at Giant Bomb where I've spent a long time writing up the P3P page before IGN even reported it xD

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Looking at the disc slot, it seems that the 33% smaller is how fat it is top to bottom. I like the fact that it is matte, my PS3 is a bit unsightly. Now they need a matte PSP that doesn't get fingermarks on it either.

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I also think you should be getting onto UPS rather than Capcom. They should even have a record of who signed for it and where, in case someone has taken delivery of both. If it's nobody you know, or someone has stolen them at point of delivery, you can get your money back and they'll do an investigation.

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Danielle Judovitz is listed in lots of places as being the voice of Chie but it's actually Tracey Rooney.

Jessica Strauss voices Saki and Hanako.

Susan Dalian voices Naoto.

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@Lassegp: It's already got a mean timer counting down in each stage, but by Garden 5 it's also got lots of difficult flying about and enemies constantly trying to knock you down. Luckily Shooter doesn't seem to have a timer, so that's one thing down :)
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'You can have two players on the same screen at the same time' but probably not online, same with Pixeljunk Eden :( I hope it's not as relentlessly frustrating and mean spirited as Eden.