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Hey everyone, it's 4.23.2014. Today, William Rikeru helps Yosuke with a question, takes care of screaming children, and folded envelopes. YAY!

Tulip Mania is a video game I'd buy
Public transit is the way to go
Hey there new social link

Make it precipitate
this means envelopes
Mo' money, more Persona

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Hey guys! Guess who totally dropped his Vita and cracked the OLED last night! However, William Rikeru still lives! The Vita's still functional for the moment -- I may pick up a new one in the next couple of days, as it looks like the process for replacing the screen is not worth the time.

Today, William Rikeru hangs out with Kou and Daisuke, and fishes badly.

I wish my Vita still looked this clear
I like not coughing
Are you a side quest, dog???
Fishing is so great
shootily pootily (my grandma used to say that)
tomorrow is my birthday -- maybe I'll get a new Vita

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Shit dude, get that Vita fixed. Also William Rikeru is just about the best name I've ever heard ever

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So the Kmart close to me is going out of business and video game software is 40% off! So a new Vita will continue the adventures of William Rikeru today, in which he works at the day care again and establishes a new social link.

Drama or Band? Neither yet.
We start the second side quest
What're ya doing lady
Hey concerned Lady
See you tomorrow

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Hey you guys -- late update today, for 4.26.2014. Today's episode includes a lonely lunch, training with Chie, and reading about fishing.

A possible social link zooms by
no one wants my dry ginger pork, I'm guessing
William Rikeru prefers phasers, thank you
the roof is on fire
on fire with training
woo woo rank two
lesson one: don't fish
until tomorrow

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Shit i need to finish my playthrough of golden, I'm like halfway through

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Hey everyone, another late update for 4.27.2014. Today, William Rikeru takes a journey into the Meat Dimension, and makes envelopes!

Counting cars again
Might as well get some food
Meat Dimension is my new survival horror game
William Rikeru is a wrestler
See you tomorrow

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Hey all -- another late update 4.28.2014. On this date, William Rikeru joins the drama club, starts a new social link, and fishes poorly once more.

EDIT: Check out my blog for more updates!

The Adventures of William Rikeru!

Yukiko's two days from returning
rubber baby buggy bumpers is a good one
Hey Lady -- I will try
Another day, another dollar