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This is a spectacular idea! Thanks so much for starting all this.

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just like cucumbers

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Blizzard's leagel team, being a dick again.

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Well said Mr. Patrick Klepek it's not often I find a serious artical anywhere on the internet worth reading begining to end. Usualy they can be sumerised into a sentence or to, this was very interesting and insitefull. Thanks for the great read and the fuel for thought, keep up the awsome work.

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@Xael: Thanks a bunch I'll be going slug hunting as soon as I have time to get back into it

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I've been trying to get a magic weapon for a wile, playing a sorcererish character and it would be nice to have an int based weapon for backup. But I can't seem to find any frigin green shards to upgread my weapons to "magical," could anyone please direct me to an area where I could find a couple.

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now I don't have to get my 360 fixed to play Bastion, you just made my day

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I was super excited in what was it 2008 when they first said it was realy real, most of that excitment has faded to anoid pesimism but I still realy want to play this game

I still think it would be amaising if Diablo 3 released side by side with Torchlight 3

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If it wasnt for GiantBomb's coverage fo this game I would have likely overlooked it as "looks neet but probably not worth the money." Now Im realy looking forward to it and will be buying it outright first chance I get.

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bummer this was the only thing from capcom I have been interested in for several years :(