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Swansea, Wales, Uk.

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Forgive the horrible title. It vaguely describes the issue/ problem. This isn't really a bug, more a failure of the feature.

If you join a live stream in progress, Whether 5 minutes or 55 minutes into a show, and wish to start watching from beginning by using the rewind feature on the time bar. However, Once the show finishes and changes to 'the There is currently no show' page the live stream that you are watching with a time delay stops and the page auto-refreshes to the 'the There is currently no show' page.

It would be nice to be able to watch the delayed live stream to completion, but i'm sure there is some technical limitation as to why this isn't possible.

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Problem persists. I'm not going to bang on about it every week. Just find it peculiar that other premium podcasts in the same RSS feed download and this doesn't.

@bzooty and I can't be the only Giant Bomb users using Podkicker pro.

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Same issue again this podcast.

The Premium edition of the Giant Bombcast 03/18/2014 downloaded with no problems whatsoever. Alt+F1 03/18/2014 - Melbourne = File not found.

The podcast can be streamed but that isn't normally an option, and isn't really a solution.

Some technical details if it is of use.

Android version 4.1.2

Podkicker Pro Version 1.9.4

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For a little more info.

The premium edition of the 11th of March Giant Bombcast downloaded via the RSS with no issues.

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File not found error using the rss. Other premium podcasts have downloaded previously.

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I've been playing for the last hour or so. I'm terrible, yet i'm really enjoying it.

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Laverbread and Cockles. Love both.

Also deep-fried battered mars bar

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No luck for me.

Black screen hangs for around 90 seconds, Then a yellow framed box appears saying :-

"Could not connect to turntable. Please try again. If you still cannot connect, you might have a firewall blocking your connection. (6507)."

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