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I saw this on my updates and was all like " Whassup?" As the late and great Harry Woodman once said "Remember this. Everything changes in form. There isn't a single thing that can maintain its shape for eternity." Now if you'll excuse me I have important matters to attend to, good day.

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Man this is a nightmare, I have been off the grid for the last month or so. To come back to this is just crap. Too soon Ryan, I never had the chance to meet you! I'll always be your fan!

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Obamacare? Moar likez OBAMA DONT CARE!

ps games are kewl

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This is some hot stuff

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The world is truly ending this year, this is the first sign!

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I'll just skim over them and nod my head. "Yes, yes this looks in order"

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Word-parser adventure games, with a modern touch would be sweet. Maybe even have glitched/broken voice to text option for a good laugh.

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@Brodehouse said:

@MB said:

This is pretty terrible. I know the site has to make money, but there must be a better way.

What if they got committed fans to fund the site and pay their salaries with some kind of subscription plan?

You lost me bro, just what are you getting at?

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Well it seems to be effective, we've started a topic blasting pictures of the product. The mind seed will grow! I must buy an EVO now argghh!!!

Edit: Super Effective*

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