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very excited for this casting

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I really appreciate that y'all said something. This has always been one of my favorite sites for gaming since the Arrow Pointing Down podcast only hinted at its possible existence. I'm just glad y'all remain level-headed and cool dudes.

And for the people threatening to cancel their subscription, this just makes me want to re-up mine.

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@bigjeffrey said:

consoles are dead

I do find this news funny when compared to all the earlier hand-wringing about "Are we excited? Do we want another console?" that was happening on, what felt like, every game website before these systems launched.

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Alex says he "kinda liked it," so it should be a somewhat positive review. Looks like the writing is still terrible, though.

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All I have to say is this makes it very apparent that launching a working video game that functions as intended is hard fucking work.

I imagine that when there's over 13 million people that can hit your servers on Day 1, it makes it even harder.

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@slyspider said:

Lets all take a second to realize the Republican party is more than the bullshit crazy people, both sides have that. I can point to people in both parties who shouldn't be in charge of dinner plans much less a government. The vocal minority, the tea party and whatever bullshit crazy side the democrats call themselves, are whats killing us.

The inmates run the asylum. There seems to be no moderate wing in the slightest.

This kind of nonsense seems more harmful to me, honestly. parroting "both sides do it!!!!" from authority figures, even though only one of these parties seems unable to deal with the prospect of having a black man in charge of the nation to the point where they're willing to risk massive economic damage to get their way.

Yeah, it really is that the Tea Party has taken the reigns, and the GOP is riding them into oblivion. John Boehner's gotta realized his legacy is going to be as one of the weakest-willed Speakers ever, right? The guy does nothing but cave to the vocal minority of his party.

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The comment on that link is the best.

I like this "review" and your negative points are well made but why in the end did you give it 9.7 out of 10? Am I missing some kind of nuance or subtlty? Sorry…