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Better Red than dead 0

I loved the original Red Faction on the PS2. Geomod was mind blowing at time. You could spend hours just tunneling through the map. Modern day Red Faction is a bit different. It still uses Geomod technology but the days of tunneling through a map are long gone. Now you use the physics based destruction to take down buildings and bridges.Im going to keep this one short and sweet. The game is fun. Blowing up things with semi realistic physics is what makes this game shine. The issue is there doesn...

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Something Wicked this way comes 0

First off 90% of the graphical issues are due to drivers. They will be fixed** so don't worry about that. I'm playing on a laptop which I hook up to my TV via HDMI. I run the game at 1080p with vsync on and 16x anti aliasing. It runs so smooth and overall looks really good. Towns and zones look a lot better than the wasteland overworld. Character models are incredible and so is the animation. They have some of the best skin textures I have ever seen in a game and their clothing is impressive as ...

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The name of the game is tension 0

 Ive put about 7 hours into Dead Space 2 so far and I've loved every second of it.  Im glad they moved the game to a setting that allows a larger variety in level design.  The first game was really good but everything looked the same which is the reason I never beat it.  I never felt like I was going anywhere.  Like I said that isnt an issue in Dead Space 2.  There are plenty of areas to the game and all of them have their own unique look.  Some of the missions or chapters require you to travers...

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Middleware Unleased. 0

The Force Unleashed was heralded as the next coming in not only Star Wars games but also action games in general.  3 Complex middleware engines tied together for the first time would bring on an experience like none other.  The game doesnt live up to its own vision but it's one hell of a first step.The Euphoria engine is what runs the animation and AI in the game and for the most part it works quite well.  Your enemies will react with the environment in ways we havent really seen in games before...

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Kain defied. 0

The Legacy of Kain series has always had one of the BEST storylines in the history of gaming, no other series has sucked me into its world like LOK games have, with a rich plot and loads of twists and turns I expected nothing but the best in Blood Omen 2 (xbox). Graphics -7 This is an obvious PS2 Port, and no IM not poking at the PS2's lack of pinash in the graphics dept., They are good, but not xbox good, textures are at times dull and flat, and there is plenty of clipping which really detract...

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A new fan. 0

I have never been a fan of RTS games in any way, whether it on console or PC.  The pacing just never did it for me.  Im more of an action game or racing game kinda guy.  I ended up buying this game mainly for my Girlfriend who I have yet to let play.Never has a RTS made me want to keep playing but I just couldnt stop.  The controls are simple to use and the interface is quick and clean which is not something we see very often on console RTS games.  My only gameplay gripe is the game can end too ...

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