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Better Red than dead

I loved the original Red Faction on the PS2. Geomod was mind blowing at time. You could spend hours just tunneling through the map. Modern day Red Faction is a bit different. It still uses Geomod technology but the days of tunneling through a map are long gone. Now you use the physics based destruction to take down buildings and bridges.

Im going to keep this one short and sweet. The game is fun. Blowing up things with semi realistic physics is what makes this game shine. The issue is there doesnt seem to be enough things to destroy because most of this game takes place underground! There are still plenty of smaller structures to break apart piece by piece but there arent really any truly epic moments. A game like this begs for such moments. The physics system can at times be a little off. You might destroy 3 out of 4 sides of a large building yet it still stands in total defiance of Albert Einstein. When things like that happen it just looks silly and it takes you right out of the game.

On the plus side the actual shooting in this game is pretty satisfying. It just feels good, almost exactly like Call of Duty if I had to pick a game to compare it to. It even has the snap lock from COD except in Red Faction the auto aim will follow the enemy until they are out of sight. This kind of makes the game very casual friendly.

There are multiple difficulty levels. I would suggest starting on hard if you have any experience with shooters because the game isnt all that challenging, especially with the very generous auto aim as described above.

The games graphics arent anything amazing but they arent bad either. Texture detail is pretty good and the enemy design is fresh. The game maintains a pretty solid frame rate even during the biggest of explosions.

All in all its a fun game that without the Geomod destruction capabilities would be fairly generic. You can find it pretty cheap now so there really is no reason not to give it a shot.

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