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Posted by DanielComfort

We did it. We promised it for this week, and we did it. Even if it was being a dirty rotten horrible beast of a thing to capture correctly, we did it. Sort of. Check it out!

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Are the servers still hacked to hell? Last time I played the devs could not handle how many people had hacked items into being. 

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@DanielComfort: You interns don't get praised enough for your work. Good job! Keep it up, etc.

Posted by Mento

There was a real Freelance Astronauts atmosphere this week. Helps that Dan sounds a bit like Maxwell Adams. I'm not sure if there's a process behind deciding whether to properly demonstrate a game or just futz around and get confused with everything, but the latter's more fun to watch.

Posted by Andorski

My mind is being blow by the fact that MapleStory is still a thing.

Posted by RetroVirus

This was hilarious! Keep it up guys.

Posted by rubberluffy

I remember playing this a few years ago.  It seemed fun and cute at first but it quickly turned into a grindy mess full of hackers.  Hackers EVERYWHERE.  The only way I could imagine playing this game is on a private server with EXP rates turned way up, because what I remember they were abysmal in the official server.  Maybe they changed it after all these years, but whatever.  I hate this game.

Posted by FluffyZombeh

I've played this game since I was 10, stopped playing at 14. Got my highest level to 158 and had like 16 other characters level 80+. I hate this game so much, but I always go back for it. Anyway, great video!

Posted by Hobosunday

One of my friends played this game. He worshipped it for three months until he realized how ungreat it is. I've had a hunch that this game wasn't that good, turns out I was right. Great work guys, I hope you'll find another good online game soon.

Posted by JJOR64

I used to be huge into this game, then I realized that there is way too much grinding and the quest rewards are crap. Still, I had fun with it while I played it.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

I can't believe I wasted $40 on temporary, purely aesthetic bullshit for this game. It was kinda fun, but I stopped playing because it became way too grindy, like others have said.

Posted by Blackmoore

I played this a while ago and played recently. Leveling is A LOT (and I mean a lot) easier.