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If this thing is still going, I would give the messiest internet-kiss to anyone who would not mind tossing me a guest pass. Big Diablo fan, but I still need to try this shizz-from-blizz out so that I can spend my rapidly depleting funds!

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It definitely gives me an uncomfortable feeling. I have gotten a chuckle from a spare skit or two, but other than that it's simply not my brand of comedy.

That said, I haven't invested a whole lot of time into the show, other than a few episodes from... I think the first season? Is it something that I'll get by watching some more recent episodes, or did they have their tone down from the start?

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I may not own a 3DS, but it pains me to see that this title won't get played by more people. I've sunk so many hours into this game and still love the shit out of it.

Edit: That is to say, it pains me that it could be locked from a particular group of gamers.

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I really, really enjoyed Breakdown for the Xbox.

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Wtf of course it's fritos. Just don't go breathing on any folks after the fact.

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Totally adorable.

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I only call it out if it's someone who is a notorious group-farter, OR someone who you would -never suspect it from-.

Like, peer at the quiet girl at a party, squint my eyes, and ask "...you just crafted this fart, didn't you?" Only if I'm like 65%+ sure it was them, though.

If I must have one of my own, I try to swing by a group in the process (AKA crop-dusting).

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My brother-- he is a pecker and it's loud and depressing and he says it's very fast but I don't believe him.

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I worked it out in my head on the train this morning, and if I only bought a few extra pairs of boxers, they would pay for themselves in about two months as I would do laundry that much less often.

My train rides are not very interesting.

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Wish I could be excited about this. Having played it in arcades recently, I'ma stick to my memories.