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everyone add me pls.

Animal crossing

4527 8129 3330



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Add me, I'll add you etcetera. Do: Defkid, Mayor of Bierhall 4527 8129 3330

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Keep the Reco's coming - btw's - is Super Metroid available on the 3ds eShop? Can't seem to navigate the menus too well.

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Oh shet.


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I would recommend this game to anyone. It's incredible. As a matter of fact, I just call my PSP my PEACEWALKER machine now, here's a screen to illustrate my point.

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@Veektarius: I suppose you're right. It comes down to preference - If you liked the cel-shading aesthetic to being with then of course they would appear to age better. but you did bring up WOW - isn't that one of the reasons WoW has been the juggernaut that it is? It had a pleasant non-realistic feel to it from the beginning?

But yes, I agree - Games aren't just made to last - we're not talking about roofing or vinyl siding: They can be made to consumed and put away, I'm thinking of iOS games for example.

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Ah...Ok. Ok.

New to the whole FORUM thing. I, uh. You know I write about video games. A little. The article I linked to, I'm actually the author of.

It's just an observation on cel shading (apropos the upcoming release of jet-grind radio - or re-release I should say) and how it ages a lot better than the titles that try to approximate verisimilitude or photorealism with their graphics.

That's all.