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@Pepsicolaboy said:
" @TwoOneFive said:
" ps3 users are too busy playing Killzone 2 "
Cause its such a terrible game right?Idiot.Can everyone save all this nonsense for other sites?They're both great consoles, jesus. "
Hear hear!
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Zebadee said:
"Are you using a wireless USB adapter to connect to your router?
Let me explain. I'm using those little Linksys Wireless - G (USB Network Adapter) to connect to the main router in the house. I'm using an USB cable to connect it to the pc.

It's not a cable problem because I've tried different cables, and different USB devices.

Something I didn't tell to Miniman is that:

I can have a cable plugged in (only the cable indeed), and if I just unplug it, my internet just goes down. (And yes, only the cable - and you usually don't have the "Safely Remove Hardware" option if you only have a cable plugged in )

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Miniman said:
"Are you using the "Safely Remove Hardware" option before taking out the usb?
I've tried that, won't work.
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MattyFTM said:
"Kick it. That'll fix any computer problem possible. A good kick.
Huhum, I guess.

Captain_Fookup said:
"Get a Mac."

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Everytime I unplug any USB device my internet just goes down. And I usually need to restart my computer (reseting router won't work - kinda rare when it does).

(I've tried every USB port)

Does anyone here have the same problem? And if you do, is there any solution?

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My impression... for a 1 gb demo, it was pretty short. *sobs* I wanted to see a bit more. - Anyway, I liked the bit I played.

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You just stole my thread! *sobs*
Hehe, It looks awesome!

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Sparky_Buzzsaw said:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade is twenty years old and still is a blast to play.  Other than that, Ninja Gaiden II, DMC4, and Dead Rising are all a blast.  I think Dead Rising is probably the closest thing to some of the old school beat-em-ups.

Definetly Dead Rising.
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No comment.