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Could you move me to an active spot on sunday 5:00PM? I can make it. PSN DarkestZam

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@greedzen said:

I can help the group that should be starting now if they need it. i'm just rushing to get to level 20 so i can strap on my gear on bump up to 29.

I'm at level 18 now. 2 ppl can join me to help run through 1 or 2 missions faster then I can help you raid.

PSN Malloc-X

Quote with ur PSn and I'll add u




PSN: DarkestZam will help you

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PSN ID DarkestZam

Level/Class Titan 28

Experience Level Never done the raid but I have seen some of it

Preferred time slot/Date Friday 1:00 AM GMT and both times on sunday (I think)

Perferred raid level Normal

Notes I'm from Sweden and I have a mic

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Finaly came back to this and fixed it =P

@hamst3r: Thanks for helping out!

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I will always miss you and there will be a big empty spot after you. You have been in my ears as I listen to the bombcast almost every day. R.I.P!

All my deepest regards to your Family and the Bomb-crew

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