Hand-pick a list of games for the busy adult/parent

If you were tasked by a co-worker or student who likes the idea of videogames, or remembers them fondly, but simply don't have the know-how or knowledge to sift through the crap that gets released month-after-month, what kind of games would you suggest just off the bat, without consideration for personal taste?

First, you pick who you you are addressing:

  1. Parent with one daughter and one son
  2. Parent with two sons
  3. Parent with two daughters
  4. Single adult or Married adult w/o children, age 28-40
And assume they're willing to buy one home console or console bundle.

Second, pick 10 games you would suggest. Keep these details in mind (you can pick one or combine multiple choices):

  • They may or may not have enjoyed Goldeneye on N64
  • They enjoy their preloaded games on their phone/iphone app store
  • They may or may not have enjoyed an obscure RPG during the PS1/Dreamcast era
  • Their last point of reference may or may not be a friend coercing them to try Modern Warfare, and failing miserably
  • They've played with a relative's Wii once or twice
  • They may or may not own a PS2
You decide.
This should be a fun exercise, if nothing else. And there's no shame in running down a list of your most highly-suggested games :P