Pickups, tagged and a response!

Here I am again with not one, not two but three videos for you people to enjoy.  One of them is my usual pickups video but the other two are for any people who are interested in them anyway but are mainly towards users for Youtube. One is a tag video where I got tagged from someone over there thus have to give 5 facts about myself and tag other people (most of them are on here and post videos on Youtube).  The other one is a video response to a video rant by a user by the name of xxkomebackkidxx.  He did a little rant on gamer girls on Youtube and what he said was mostly true unfortunately and I just give in my two cents on the situation.
Anyway,  that is all for me right now. Toodles.
PS: I forgot to mention I also got the Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3, which I am currently enjoying mainly because I am getting loads of ammo for a weapon you get on the ship.  I hope to hell you keep it, which I am sure you do once the missions are over and you return to DC.


Darro's Pickups 22/7/09

Another video where I ramble on about my new purchases but this time around, I get a few games of a certain genre I don't necessarily have a good history with but surprisingly, have enjoyed since I picked them up.  What are the games? Find out below if you dare!



Enter Video Game Soundtracks

Surprise to see me again so soon.  I certainly am.  Well, I decided to do this short video just to show you guys my latest purchases and my first steps into buying video game soundtracks because well, video game music for the most part is awesome.  Some people will recognise the music in the video (I mention it anyway) instantly, as its from one of the soundtracks I got.  Anyway, I hope to pick some more up in the future and also would like your suggestions as to what soundtracks I should get.  Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell is one I am gunning for and Chrono Trigger also especially if there is some sort of orchestra version since the free CD I got with the game just showed me how awesome that CD would be. 

Anyway, enjoy and keep on gaming good people. Toodles.



Darro's Pickups 29/6/09

First of all, your eyes are not deceiving you.  I did in fact make a video under 10 mins for the first time in a LOOONNNNNGGGGGG time.  Not much to say about it anyway apart from I totally love playing Tales of Vesperia (11 or 12 hours thus far) mainly because its characters to me are likable and like to know what happens next.  It doesn't have a fantastic story by any means but its one where you want to know what occurs next nonetheless.

So sit back and enjoy as usual.



Darro's Pickups 16/6/09

Here we go again with another pickups video from yours truly.  Games of course and a few DVDs in there just to balance it all.  Watch, enjoy, comment, you know the drill.




E3 Thoughts

Hello once again, fellow gamers.  I have been updating more frequently that I have done over the past 6 months, which is a bit of a surprise in itself after all.  This time round, I give to you my thoughts on E3 09 (mainly the press conferences) and tell you some of the games I am looking forward  to getting after this year's event (forgot some but you always do).  Anyway, enjoy the videos and keep on gaming!




E3 Predictions

Since E3 is right around the corner, I decided to give you guys my thoughts and predictions on the upcoming show.  I could have done a better job perhaps but I didn't want to end up doing 50 million takes.  I forgot to mention Brutal Legend in the last part since that is a game I am looking forward to seeing more of and I know there are other games that are there that I forgot also but can't wait to see nonetheless.  Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to post your thoughts and predictions on E3 by text or by a video response.






Hey guys, its me again! I haven't posted on here or anywhere for a while and I might as well let you know that I am still alive.  Just been busy playing games and watching Dragonball (not Z but the original, which I love) but if you want to know more of what I have been playing check out my pickups video below.  So what are you guys waiting for? Watch them below now! :P 

Also, I want to ask a request of you guys and tell me what sort of videos you would like to see from me on the channel in the future.  I am going to be doing a video review of a game in the next month.  I also never posted my DS collection videos on here so if you want to check them out, go to my channel and subscribe. :)  Until next time, toodles!




My PS2 Collection

I should have had this up sometime last week considering the fact I did it last week but never got around to post it on here for all of you who care to watch.  The following 5 vids make up my PS2 collection and I do tend to ramble on about some games more than others but hope you enjoy nonetheless.  I will have my XBLA collection video up sometime soon since I got a certain item I mentioned at the start of the video.  So until next time, toodles.






My Xbox 360 Collection

I have begun what most people who start over on Youtube do, they show off their gaming collections.  Since the 360 is the console I have the largest amount of games for, I might as well start there. This does not include my XBLA titles since they will come up in a future video.   Below are the 4 parts that make up my Xbox 360 collection: