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The Hulk Hogan Rock N Wrestling cartoon is the next add to the WWE Network.


OH **** REALLY ?!

That was literally my first experience with Wrestling :D

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I think name changes are nearly always now so the WWE can hold the copyright's, and not be building someone else's brand. They let The Rock buy the rights to that name if I remember correctly, and he's making millions of dollars a movie now. Steve Austin legally changed his name so he could use it outside of WWE projects. And if we're to believe the LOLDirtSheets, CM Punk's not happy about his name being used in WWE 2K15 and such.

If anything, I'm more surprised at the fact they even ever mentioned him originally being called KENTA at all.

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So, I just watched a video of Gene Snitsky using a pressure cooker. Thanks Jeff >_>

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@papercut said:

Wrestling thread, I need your help. I'm trying to think of a Rock Paper Scissors equivalent with wrestling for a project I'm working on. Any ideas?

Submission, Aerial, Striking?

I would go Submission > Grapple > Strike, or Technician > Grappler > Striker

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So, I fell asleep during the last hour of RAW, just after the 5 way diva segment. My DVR said I missed about 70 minutes, and with skipping recaps and ad breaks, it was barely half of that I ended up watching, and then it made sense why I'd fallen asleep. Really liked hearing his 'home town' crowd being behind Rollins though, and if we were still doing thread titles, it'd have to be "THE BLOODY DIVAS CHAMPION!". I bet Paige got some heat for that, but I popped for it :D

The PAX Rumble was pretty great, but knowing the vast majority of the entrants before hand kinda let air out of it for me. Half the fun of the Rumble is the surprise entrants and the reactions they get. Also, I don't think the high caused by The UnderDraker and Dr Tracksuit turning Team GFB followed by the lack of excitement after they all started playing helped the crowd. The reality of an N64 wrestling game kind of killed the mood after the greatness of the stuff surrounding it.

Edit: Also, now that I've looked up who this Micheal Sam guy is, if he shows up next week on RAW it'd be the dumbest thing he could do. If the attention he's getting already is being called a distraction no team wants, then making himself get more attention sounds like the worst idea. Also, I get that the WWE like to cash in on main stream stuff to get attention some times, but it does remind me that they seem to forget they're a global company, and that a large amount of their viewers have no clue who these people are.

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@milkman said:

If you want to hear Bo Dallas tell @alex he sucks at drumming, I got the video for you.

All this INCREDIBLE footage for promo's against Brian Kendrick and then Dan went and drew Mideon, and nothing could save him :D

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@wikitoups said:

@bbalpert: well as community manager to 2k games you have to pick Jared, he's just....

Best for business.

You mean, STEPH for Business ?

Also, god damn that Brad Muir video is just about the best :D

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So it would appear British wrestling is back on TV every Saturday on the new freeview channel, interested because the British Wrestling scene seems to be growing at the moment.

This is relevant to my interests, could you elaborate or do you maybe have a pamphlet ?

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I'm not sold on the commentary, but, as it turns out, I still get a kick out of seeing wrestler entrances on new machines, just look at dat smug Randy :D

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That was pretty great, thanks for transcribing it Scoops