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I am sorry u are having troubles but i have to say hearing about this kind of stuff makes me laugh.

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i picked up cod:ghosts yesterday for my my PS4 and after playing about 6 hours mp i couldn't tell you the difference between xbl and psn the match making is fast, i get no lag, and i had never played a online mp game on my ps3 and played every cod game on xbl.

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That for me at least the PS4 was the right choice over the xbone, i will wait until they announce a exclusive i must play before even considering buying one. And unlike a lot of people titianfall doesn't really interest me .

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No issues here either i didn't know there were any demo's out.

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Weird I have a lot of hours into ac 4 and killzone and I love the new dualshock and it hasnt given me any issues. I guess its good there seems to be a good amount of retail supply that you cann get it exchanged without issue.

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settings>devices>controller>adust speaker volume

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I got home with my PS4 about 6pm last night and have put in at least 12 hours of gaming between killzone AC 4 and resogun, and its been a great experience so far. And i am pretty sure there is a option under sound and screen that lets you set the controller speaker volume. As far as the UI is concerned i like it but at the same i don't care about such things, its just not that important to me. I personally think getting rid of it after one day is a bit of overreaction but you have to what makes you happy.

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I Had no interest in console gaming until Gears of War 2 was announced as a 360 exclusive, i loved Gears 1 on pc and wanted to play Gears 2 and thats why i own a 360 today. Not long after i changed my attitude about console gaming and eventually switched to my 360 as my primary gaming system

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Have we heard what happened yet? I don't mean to sound morbid but someone so young dies so suddenly its hard to wrap your mind around it.