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In the interview Patrick did with Sony guy, he said they set a price point during the original development of the PS4 and that they wanted a $400 console at release. And it was not a reaction to MS

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@moonwalksa: Cool thnx

btw my marvel name is FoMoCo and steam id is macxd if anyone is wants to team up

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@moonwalksa: So is i do the warp with a level 10 character and reset the story does it reset the character level as well? Or do all characters keep their level?

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Thanks guys, so i did figure out you can replay the levels and jump around using the wrap pads but you don't get any, at least i am not getting any quest givers and i am not able to pick the prologue as a playable section its greyed out, well the avengers tower prologue is greyed out. So what bugs me about this is yes you will level up but your new toon won't get the rewards for completing quests it seems.

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Hey all, so after watching TnT i decided to give Marvel Heroes a chance and it turns out i am liking it. I have leveled storm up to 18 but here is the problem. I got scarlet witch in my prologue drop and though i would try her out, so when i picked her it said i would lose all my progress so i selected no. So now if i select her she just drops in as a level one, is there no way to roll multiple characters with their own story progression? If so what am i missing or doing wrong, and i was thinking of buying another character but i won't if its not treated like rolling a new toon in wow.

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Well done Sir. Its good see someone help bring these subjects out in to the open. And i have defiantly used games to escape at times in my life. Not sure if it was because i was depressed or just needed to escape maybe both but never really truly thought about it to seriously.

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You know i have played all the games put out by EA that people bitch about except The sims 3 and not one of those games was un-playable or bad in my opinion due to their micro-transaction options with in the game. I will never understand or support anyone who rails against DLC or micro-transactions they are add-ons that you are not forced to buy they don't prevent you from playing the game fully so why burn the calories to hate them. And i will say it again giantbomb needed to generate more money so they came up with the subscription plan and have put a lot of content behind a pay wall. Sure the amount you spend is on a smaller scale but if you want to be part of everything giantbomb does you have to pay. They even threatened to put the podcast behind a pay wall unless enough people subscribed. Another example that no one ever brings up is activision, if you bought into elite when it first came out you got all their DLC and the when BLOPS 2 came out if you wanted all the DLC there was another season pass your elite membership got you nothing and both games are hundred dollar games to play all the content, but if you didn't want to pay the extra you still had full games to play. And i will bet anything MWF4 will work the same way and will most likely have more micro-transactions. And i truly believe that if companies like EA stopped what they are doing now we would either have 70-80 dollar games or far fewer games produced each year. No company whether it be a game publisher or widget manufacture cannot rely solely on one revenue stream from their products and hope to stay in business.

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I have a hauppauge PVR hooked up to my 360 that i use to capture game footage, but the new PVR-2 is now out and has full HDMI 1080p support. The also have the Colossus for PC recording but i have never used it. The new PVR-2 has software for full live streaming capabilities.

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EA voted worst company by the biggest group of cry babies on the internet not much in the way of news.

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Nope, because i don't buy used games. if there is game coming out that i want to play i get it first day, and if it is something i am on the fence about i will wait unit it hit games on demand and on sale.