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Having now played both a necro and KE mage through the game the KE is by far the best mage spec there is in the game. The necro mage build is just plain weak in my opinion and because of it you really need to keep your party geared and let them do most of the heavy lifting during major fights. But with KE mage you are magic sword wielding killing machine and with 10 dragons to kill in the game it made the game play that much more fun for me at least.

I would say if this is your first play through and you are going to play a mage go KE on hard difficulty, normal difficulty with be zero fun.

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if i am just out exploring i roll with two mages a warrior and a rogue, if i am going to fight its two mages two warriors's, this has worked well for me.

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@bombedyermom: you now that you mention it i think i there at least one more trophy that i should have gotten but havent, yea it kind of sucks when that last dragon went down seeing that silver trophy pop would have been great.

@sterling: i never noticed any glitches during any of my fights

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And the effing trophy didn't pop, every time i zone into a area or come out of the war room it pops up dragon quest complete the log says all 10 dragons are dead. But still no trophy, and i wasn't wasn't killing them in any order so i can't even jump back to a earlier save because i just don't remember where to go to.

So a little research and i found this is a bug, has this happened to anyone else? besides another play through or patch are thereany fixes possible?

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I am also 80+ hours in and just doing the bell of the ball quest and i couldn't disagree more, my necro-mage (i wish i would have went knight) has a staff that does a base dps of 144 with mods and enchantments it is up to 175 dps. If you have done your specialization quest and are doing all zone side quests and searching for vendors you should have found or got the reward for the masterworks witches enchantment staff as well the blade and grip schematics. If you spec'd a spirit mage well thats just a 100% support class and you are there to babysit.

I also have killed all ten dragons to get the highest quality mats for crafting but before that i was mat framing so i would always be able to craft better gear. The one thing that has bugged me a bit is that best set of robes i have gotten off the last dragon are elf only and i am a human, i was so stoke when i got the schematic and so pissed when i went to craft myself new gear and saw they were bound to a elf. Now my mage isn't the lead in my party because i know i am a support dps with casandra and blackwall up front and me and dorain in back i have no problem killing anything. I do agree about the rogue drops i have some crazy rogue gear as well.

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I recently played through the PS4 demo and at first i was really liking the game but by the time i reached lvl 5 (demo cap is 7) i was finally able to see a lot of what Jeff was talking about with going back and forth to the same place to do the almost the exact same mission over and over. And by the time i was lvl 7 i knew i would never buy this game, it was so boring and could never see myself paying $70 for the game and another $50 for a season pass. They really should have made it free to play with some other hook to make money.

I was hoping they would release a demo but having now played that demo i think it does the game more harm then good.

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I could care less micro-transactions or about this social marketing content in games if its all optional so what? who cares just don't engage with it. And writing a article to just what seems to be a reason to pile on the hate of ubisoft is gross to me in my opinion. And the one question i would ask of @patrickklepek and all of the GB staff is why none of them seemed to mention the $100 add on (you get 8 million dollars) you can optional buy for GTV 5 re-release? Is it because they all like the game and rockstar or is it just not that gross to them like other publishers hooks for optional spending for a game you have already purchased. Now if someone wants to spend $2-$100 to help them advance themselves in GTV 5 what do i care, let them its their right but this picking and choosing of whats gross and whats OK when it comes to this stuff is really getting annoying.

FYI i haven't played AC:U so i have no opinion on the game itself,

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Yea my save files is exactly 11 minutes, so it will continue to install in stand by mode correct?

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Its been of a lean year for me gaming wise do to a number or reasons, so knowing i was going to be able to finally buy something for my PS4 this month made me happy. And I was really looking forward to playing shadow of mordor so i purchased it early this morning digitally, it install 4.2GB plus the patch but after the opening tutorial was done a message popped up telling me required data needed to be installed and i couldn't play until that was done. So i put my PS4 into stand by mode and went to sleep, and woke up to the same issue it was at 33% installed and would not let my select my save slot. I deleted local and online save files and started again same thing. So Now i am up to 53% and still can't play this frgging game, seriously WTF? So is this normal? or am i just cursed? I am starting to under stand why they put re-orders up a months in advance, because it takes that long to get the game downloaded and installed. Does anyone know how long this going to take? before i can play. Is this just a Sony problem? or does Xbone suffer from this as well?

Anyways thanks for any help.