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I am old and don't like change, and i don't know how i am going to handle this but i happy for you Vinny and wish you all the best.

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Well i still can't log in, anyone else ?

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@demoskinos: Yes, i meant before i posted this topic, not the link he posted

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Thanks guys i did check but i didn't see anything.

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Hey all, anyone else not able to log into PSN? I get a can't connect to server error. DCUO won't connect either i get a black screen after the first load screen. I looked at twitter and the playstation blog and couldn't find anything.

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I don't think it was a bad game, i was just disappointed with it.

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COD MP is like a bad ex-girlfriend you hook up with. you haven't see her for awhile and when u do you think yea lets try this again, she still looks pretty good, you know which buttons to push to makes her do the things you want. and its fun at first, you shoot off a bunch a rounds in long sessions but after not to long u start to remember all the frustration and irritating things about her but you say to yourself, hey i am having fun getting some action every night but eventually you realize why you stopped seeing her in first place, nothing has changed about her, she really doesn't look any better, and most of her friends horrible people. And speaking as someone that tries to make it work every year, we never learn are lessons and no matter what she will never change.

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I am sorry u are having troubles but i have to say hearing about this kind of stuff makes me laugh.

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i picked up cod:ghosts yesterday for my my PS4 and after playing about 6 hours mp i couldn't tell you the difference between xbl and psn the match making is fast, i get no lag, and i had never played a online mp game on my ps3 and played every cod game on xbl.