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Wow. Stopped by Giantbomb after not being on here for a few days, and see this news on the front page. What terrible news! I'm so sorry to his friends and family for their lost. Ryan Davis, rest in peace. I never met you, but you seemed like a good person, and we're all worse off for you not being here any more. Godspeed.

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I would like to be invited into this guild. Didn't even know there was a Giantbomb guild till I started looking for a different server to play on. I love this site, and would love to be part of a guild that represents my favorite videogaming website!

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System Shock 2 is one of those games that I can never forget, have played through multiple times, and still think is one of the greatest games ever made. It did so many things so very well that I just don't see it ever being beat, unless a System Shock 3 comes around that truly improves on the previous game in every way. From the voice acting, to the combat, to the different characters to play as, to the enemies themselves, it was absolutely incredible. I STILL have some of the songs from that game in mp3 form that I never get tired of listening to.

I will agree the respawning enemies were a major drag, but was something I could handle. If anything, the respawning enemies just made the game more tense and scary. It was one of the games that would legitimately scare me at times. Cyber Assassins were cool and yet incredibly deadly, and scary just for how they could be so very quiet and unleash major damage to you. The midwives were indeed very creepy. I hated facing them. Every enemy had it's way of forcing you to take them seriously. I really miss that game. I wasn't even sure if it'd still run on my current computer. I still have the disc, and miss that game so much.

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That Tim Langdell guy seems like a POS. It's one thing to try to retain your rights to a trademarked name, but he tries to remove the name edge from any game containing the name, regardless if it's a standalone name. In addition, the guy doesn't even make any games with the name edge in it, or if he has, he hasn't done so in forever.

He's just holding on to the name to create lawsuits. He tries to shut down innovation, or development, by taking people to court to make money off the name itself. Complete jackass and is yet another contributor to law being used to take away, rather than protect.

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I haven't finished brotherhood yet, and haven't touched revelations. I'd like to play revelations, but the fact of the matter is that I have WAY TOO MANY games to play. And I was playing the AC games when I was more into my Xbox. Now I'm very much back in love with my PC after I upgraded it a lot. Unfortunately there just aren't as many PC players as there are console players, as you will see if you load up a call of duty game in multiplayer. Consoles have like 5 times as many players in each game versus the PC counterparts. It's depressing, but makes sense given the larger commitment required for a PC. You have to pay more, and know more to make it a worthwhile system. Or you could buy a prebuilt system, but that's pretty much always a bad idea. You pay more for an inferior system, that is generally more difficult to upgrade, depending on who made it.

Compaqs, Dell, HP, all those brands have terrible computers. You are SO much better off reading a bit, and doing some research, and then building it yourself. Trust me, it pays off big time.