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 I loved Sonic 2 back in the day, and realize there were plenty of timing and environmental based puzzles as well as other things to change up the pacing, but at a point it all just becomes rote. You might be doing more then just going right and pressing jump, but after a while it certainly feels like thats all you're doing. If the Half-Life episodes were just more levels with the same stuff from Half-Life 2 people would say the same kind of thing about that series, but with each episode they found new and unique twists on the same core mechanics to make you feel like you're constantly doing something you haven't done before. Otherwise it'd just feel like you were going forward and shooting more dudes. I haven't played Sonic 4 so I don't know what they do if anything to make it feel like something you already haven't done before in a Sonic game. Maybe you can tell me?    

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George Washington in Civilization 5. Expansionist asshole settles right on my borders and then starts a war.

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For a minute I thought the title of this thread was suggesting that the band, 311, was playing on Giantbomb for the release of Dead Rising 2. I was really confused.

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Archived version please. I have work at that time :'(

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Mass Effect 2. I played through it three times. I can't say that about many games. 
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I'm probably alone on this but I actually like the story in the second one more. Like Brad mentioned a couple weeks ago on the bombcast the story of the first one borrowed a lot of the same plot points and twists from System Shock 2, so as great as it was it still felt kind of familiar to me.  Also if you played the first Bioshock  and really dug the kind of horror vibe it had going, its not as heavy on that in the sequal. So that's something to consider. Though there are some good crepy moments that come to mind now. 
 Again I'm probably one of few on this, but I really enjoyed the multiplayer in the second one. The over the top characters with their own unique barks and the mix of crazy powers combined with the frantic gameplay you get from most multiplayer shooters made it unexpectedly hilarious at times. I had some great moments that really reminded me of something out of Team Fortress 2 not in gameplay, but just the kind of wackiness of it. Once I had some insane run and was just non stop killing dudes for like five minutes, just sensory overload, and then it was just complete silence for a second and my character made some ridiculous comment that hilariously capped off all the insanity.
Anyways yeah I think its definately worth picking up. I was skeptical at first too, but the more I thought about it Rapture was definately a place I was interested in going back to and they did enough with it to make it more then worthwhile. I might be over selling it but i think it got a lot of undeserved negativity.
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Rapture Central Computing? I hope there is a malevolent A.I. that is actually just some dude sticking punch cards into some kind of proto computer. 
Or some dude puppeteering Samuel L. Jackson's severed arm to put punch cards into a computer.
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In Oblivion and Fallout 3 the main storyline was the thing I cared the least about. Not because they were bad stories, but because being lead down a critical path is the least interesting thing those games had to offer. Having a definite end isnt a deal breaker for me, but it makes me wonder if the dudes making these games realize what the best parts of their games are.
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Please add paypal. Reguardless of price I would definately sign up for the yearly sub considering how much i visit.
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I can't wait to play in the world those guys are making. Sad to see so many people getting hung up on the name.

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