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The Joker and The Asylum Steal the Show 0

Batman is an Incredible Experience and is clearly this years Bioshock (a game with such high quality it surprises even the fans).  I don't want to get into a detailed description like most reviews concerning the Free Flowing Combat & Detective elements being satisfying, or how the Stealth is slick, or how the gadgets are cool.  Just know it all works well and is fun.  What I really want to let readers know is how Arkham Asylum and The Joker are really this games "Aces up it Sleeve" (see what...

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Prototype is like Crackdown meets The Darkness meets Hulk: UD 0

Prototype mashes the exploring elements of Crackdown, the dark creepiness and overall graphical feel of The Darkness, and the chaotic over the top battles of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction together into a nice mixture to create a wildly entertaining piece of software.  As much as I liked Infamous for how polished it was and had a good story, Prototype is better because the combat is more engaging with more options and the locomotion (movement) feels better.Prototype is such a great pick up to play f...

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It may get compared to Crackdown, but I had more fun 0

Listen up all you action/superpower/superhero/open-world fans, this game is for you and its one of the single best reasons to own a PS3, honestly.  I do not want to get into a specific detailed review, Brad's review serves that purpose, what I want to reiterate here, is that InFamous is a product of intelligent game design, fun/exciting gameplay, and an interesting story.    The game design and gameplay were well thought out and tie together nicely.  Its interesting how your character learns pow...

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A stylized Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry type hack in slash in 2D 0

The Dishwasher: Dead Samuari is an interesting title in that its an effort from one young developer who was working as a dishwasher (ala Bruce Lee) at the time he conceived to idea.  There are many modes here Story, Arcade, Online co-op, and Dish Challenge.  The story is presented between levels using a comic book panels scrolling across the screen, its a nice touch to a story that is hard to follow (lets just say he is dead and he wants revenge in a zombie samuari sorta way).The arcade mode all...

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Gears 2 expandes on the experience in many ways 0

The way I see it, there are four things that really improve Gears 2 over the original.One of the biggest complaints about the original was that campaighn was short and the gameplay was not varied enough.  Although Gears 2 seems short it is many times more enjoyable than the original and offers many varied elements in gameplay.The addition of Horde Mode is genius.  Lets face it competitive online with 10 year olds yelling in your ear that you suck and taunt your dead body gets rather boring.  Hor...

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