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Best. Post. EVER.

Modern feminism, much like the modern civil rights movement, trades on the idea of perpetual victimhood. It's mutated from the pursuit of equality to the pursuit of special privilege, which does more harm to the groups they claim to protect than good. It engenders animosity toward people who would otherwise be completely sympathetic with the cause of equal rights.

We see it now in the proliferation of far-right ideology, in the further popularization of Rush Limbaugh's repugnant term "feminazi," People are distancing themselves from feminizm period because the modern academic definition is more in line with misandry than traditional feminism. It's getting to the point where even other women are distancing themselves.

I was going to reply about how I thought the OP is some dumb shit, but I feel like this guy agreeing with the OP says more than I ever could.

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I bought it off of origin a bit ago and returned it that day. It may be the most boring fps I have ever played.

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Is there a separate stream dedicated to Dota 2?

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@demoskinos: It's about games being broken on launch. A review sans any discussion of stability with a high score implies a technically sound product. Yet, we are getting numerous games that are broken on arrival. Much of this is due to the way games are reviewed and publisher/developer controlled events that guarantee ideal experiences.

Try reading the OP next time, ok?

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Jeff flipping out like a super defensive crazy person as a response to someone acting vaguely dismissive towards a video game for any reason valid or not is.. really something.

The whole bombcast has just lost its magic for me. The hosting abilities of Jeff are so abysmal. The off-topic sections which used to be fun because they had some sense of self-awareness and restraint. All they are now is Jeff's annoyingly weird brand of arrested development "heavyness." The rare times video games are mentioned are now not only ignorant but have lost any value as entertainment or vaguely constructive or informative. Vinny really needs to take over hosting the bombcast. He has proved a much more capable host than Jeff, and not even kind of, sort of, just because he adds funny noises. Jeff is just running the bombcast into the ground.

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Eh, I find constructed kind of random. The meta is so the meta and as long as you don't make silly plays it all comes down to top-decking.

I'd really like to see a side-deck mechanic. I think that'd help a lot.

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The more I play it the less I like it. It has a decent base mechanics, but every deck feels gimmicky and losing rarely feels fair. I figure it comes from the game's lack of depth, options and stale meta. They almost need to add new cards with some regularity like magic does to keep things interesting.

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Dragon Age: Origin

I've tried on three separate occasions, beginning a new game each time to finish that game since it came out. I always get burned out two-thirds or so of the way through that game and then stop.

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I just got this thing, there are no drawbacks with it right? If you used two pokemon during one fight before they both got XP, they still get the same right?

Well, I'd assume that this would mean that the non-battling pokemons would recieve no EVs... and that would be a pretty big bummer if you're one of those crazy people.

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4GB DDR3, FX8120 and an OC Radeon 7850 and it runs smooth maxed out other than some stuttering issues that I assume are a beta/server thing.