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This is just all unpleasent to see by all parts involved and no one looks good at the end of the day, despite what great work one has done. I think "Annoyed Gamer" is wrong on a lot he has said and he was defenitly hostile on his approach, but Fish's attitude just made him look twice as bad.. He has the right to vent some of his displeasures. Absolutely. So does A.G. But it's how you say it that makes a difference, and also one has to learn to not judge everyone about sporadic stuff: don't put everyone in the same bag. I think Fish particularly is guilty of that. I think @patrickklepek touched on this as well on this article and has put it well. Also, his example on how to deal with the negativity is impecable. Like he said, it's hard not to strike back, not to lower yourself to the same level sometimes, but if you just learn to remember the good ones, the compliments, the support, the afection, the sense you're doing something extremely apreciated and gratifying, you then learn not to lower your level and, at the end of the day, you look good, they look awful, they'r loss.

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Between crying and feeling somewhat ok then trying to have fun cause that's how he lived his life. But just couldn't yesterday, can't today either... Sorry man, wish I could not be devastated by your loss and try to be distracted somehow, but never the words "it's just still too soon to me" have had a bigger meaning. Love you, Ryan. Thanks for being Ryan all these years.

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I am in shock... My God... My condolences to his wife, all of his family and friends, and obviously to you guys. If I'm devastated by this, I can only imagine how you guys must be... My God, it's so unreal...

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Awesome!! I never heard the 8-4 cast, but Mark is definetly someone worth hearing. Thanks for introducing us to this one, G Bomb!! Keep awesome!

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@VIGGO123: I really want Portal. It's a classic I never had a chance to play and I feel a lesser man because of that. You are doing a great thing man.