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117067 Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero Game Overview Earliest currently known Satellaview broadcast of this game. 06/23/14 10:23AM 15 Approved
110713 New Game Game Overview This is a 2D platformer, the other versions are 3D... Thus different mechanics, levels, graphics, engine, the whole shebang... 05/30/14 08:18AM 10 Denied
110707 Deflektor Game Overview 05/30/14 08:02AM 6 Approved
110684 New Game Game Overview Cause Batman Begins for the GBA functions completely differently from every other game bearing the Batman Begins name. 05/30/14 07:09AM 10 Denied
110679 Romantic Encounters at the Dome Game Overview 05/30/14 06:58AM 3 Approved
87385 Sonic Boom Game Overview As a friend of consistency and order, I've flipped both Sonic Boom's to their original database entry... And just as a random thought, next time, HOW ABOUT YOU DO SOME RESEARCH FIRST?! Thanks... 02/06/14 07:05PM 123 Approved
60148 Tokyo Jungle Game Overview There's no developer called Playstation C.A.M.P., that's just a program setup by Sony to evaluate new development talent. And the reason why people think it exists is due to a interpretation snafu by the media. 09/30/13 07:24AM 7 Approved