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Don't think any further explanation is needed here... Also, there's nothing on the second page that isn't already covered, and in greater detail, on the first with the exception of a review so fixing this should be fairly simple I suppose...

And seriously, this should be quick looked... But that's a whole other deal so yeah...

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Holy shit?! How? What? This is crazy... It's kinda like you feel that it's got to be a joke, it's just that there's no punch-line anywhere... Jeez... Patrick was gonna be hard to replace, but Ryan? Im-freaking-possible...

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"Reply" button or "Quote" button so that people get notified in their PM inbox when you reply to them.

The thing is that you need to draw a line somewhere. There are a lot of free games, and we cannot have them all in the website. That's just unrealistic. There are so many free games that are spoofs and parodies of existing games and game franchises that if we had all those free games in the database, whenever you were to search for "Mario" the results would be cluttered with a bunch of newgrounds crap that was made available for download. Including hentai parodies, if you really want all free games ever made to be in this website.

There's a reason why we have the following guidelines for browser games:

Guidelines for Inclusion - it benefits a game if it can meet one or more of these criteria.

  • Games that have been discussed in an editorial capacity
  • Games that have been developed by designers already included in the Giant Bomb database for their work on other, more traditional platforms.
  • Games that have cards giving points/money and/or items.
  • Is legal and not a modification that violates copyright laws.

We just can't have every game ever made by every high-school student ever in this database. Because 1) it's not what this database is for and 2) it wouldn't be practical.

Also, even if "most" of the copyright infringing content was re-drawn as opposed to directly "lifted" from other games, that doesn't necessarily keep it from being copyright infringement. Moreover, if there really is stuff that was directly lifted from other games without licensing then I'm pretty darn sure that's fullblown, unarguable, copyright infringement.

If you think this game is relevant then please support that with evidence. I did a few google searches and didn't come up with much other than some download sites, and a facebook page that had about 300 likes or so.

Well, the game has slipped into obscurity along the way, around the time when HotU went belly up. This is a fate it shares with alot of games like this and it's why it's hard to find anymore. Games like Liero and Soldat which I previously mentioned have escaped this fate by being continually upgraded along the way, but this game was done and needed no updates and therefore people moved on.

And as far as copyright infringement goes, liken this to SNL when they remix shows, movies and trailer with their own spliced in footage or just dubs. That's fair use and it's the same principal here...

Also, this is not a browser game, it's a full blown stand alone 116 MB PC title...

And actually, the game was made by one person who has worked in the games business professionally, a guy called Benjamin Karaban. Now, he's not in the database yet but if you really want me to add him I can. And as far as his credits go, he worked on both games in the Act of War series as a programmer, which might not exactly be the most high profile games ever, but full blown retail titles published by Atari none the less. Which does meet one of the criterias in the list you posted... Except it doesn't NEED to meet it since it's not a browser game.

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Feel free to explain why this should go and things like Retro City Rampage, Great Giana Sisters and of those hundreds of C64 and Amiga games Jeff referred to in recent podcasts. Is it just cause these guys were smart enough to realize that they probably shouldn't charge for the game? That's a terrible precedent honestly, freeware is not any less worthy than commercial games, anything else I find elitist. Besides, most of the graphics, with only a few exceptions, are not lifts from other games but redrawn and all of the soundtrack is original. And also, fair use is a very real thing and allows you to use licensed characters for, among other things, satire, where this certainly applies. Gameplay is solid, it's well regarded among those who played it, I'd goes as far as calling it a freeware classic among the likes of Liero and Soldat so what's really the problem here? And besides, how does this being in the database hurt the database?

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As someone who played this game back in the day, this, in my opinion, is if not the best, then atleast the run & gun game with the most character and charm that I've ever played, it's not a cheap half assed mobile game-esque concoction. And as far as copyright infringement goes, it's all satirical in nature and therefore most likely goes under fair use. And if you still doubt its quality, it was listed as a "Top Dog" game back on the classic site "Home of the Underdogs". It's just a shame it's so hard to find these days...

EDIT: Actually, I did find it eventually and uploaded it to mediafire to make sure it doesn't disappear. Here's a link. How about downloading it yourself and see whether you think it's worth anything instead of trying to speculate things based on a few random screenshots. Don't worry, it is, and always has been, freeware. And if you have trouble running it, set it to XP compatibility mode.

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People would be forced to explore new ideas, to think in new ways about what a game is and how it can be played. Kinda like the creativity of the 80's but with the technology to actually realize the things that people come up with. After the five year span you can bring shooting back and then gaming would be better off. Cause these days most games are essentially the same...

And then of course there are things like Africa... It's good that they are trying different stuff but I really would have preferred a life sim... Ohwell...

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LtColJaxson said:
"Djungelurban said:
"I wanted to BE the animals... Photography game, who cares really?

And seriously, there should be like a 5 year ban on all games featuring a handheld firearm. I'm so sick and tired of all these perspective shooters..."
If there was a 5 year ban on shooters, then gaming would be dead. Usually shooter games are the games that actually deliver quality gameplay (i.e. Fallout 3, COD4, BFBC, Uncharted etc.)"
And yet somehow I manage to survive without owning any of those titles. Nor do I really consider those games to have "quality gameplay" either (although CoD4 did have pretty alright multiplayer). Gaming wouldn't be dead, just different and in the end actually better off in my opinion. I would atleast have more things to play and be psyched about.
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I wanted to BE the animals... Photography game, who cares really?

And seriously, there should be like a 5 year ban on all games featuring a handheld firearm. I'm so sick and tired of all these perspective shooters...

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Well, out of your choices PS2 is the number one JRPG console. Not only can you play ever single PS2 RPG, but also PS1 which really will cover all your JRPG need from now till atleast 2015. You can forget about Xbox completely though, there's literally nothing (other than maybe Sudeki). X360 has a few interesting titles, but if you're really serious about getting into JRPG's, go with PS2.
A few titles then:
Chrono Trigger/Cross
Final Fantasy V-X
The entire Suikoden main series (except IV)
Dragon Quest VII-VIII (they are really Japanese)
Star Ocean 2-3
Radiata Stories
Grandia (if you don't mind an isometric perceptive)
Disgaea (if you wanna play SRPG)

If you're really new to the whole concept I might especially like to recommend the Suikoden series. Not only because I'm a huge Suikoden nerd, but also because the battle system is really easy to grasp while still being fairly deep and since they're turn based there's no risk of the game stressing you out. And also, the stories in the Suikoden games are always excellent (except in IV).

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the Persona series, let's not forget that one. Although it's not for everyone and it's certainly kinda left field in its style so might not be the absolute best introduction series.

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For now yeah... But if it breaks... Then I'm screwed...