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I hate that place too! I managed to get through the majority of Dark Souls thanks to watching the playthrough videos of a guy called Kazamieras on youtube

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The Blair Witch Project scared me in broad daylight, but of course, that was when I thought it was a movie adapation of a real thing and not just one of the best viral marketing campains ever. As for the Dark Descent, unfortunately it does not work for me at the moment, which I will immediately look into after this post.

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@xyzygy: No I meant the people buying tablets, ipads especially, and later buying a keyboard for it. This Suface tablet and the ASUS transformer are the only proper solutions I've seen, but people in general seem to have money to burn on the ipads and accessories instead of buying real tablets like manufacturers like Toshiba used to make, because after all they want it either because its the in-thing or because it plays annoyed avians :/

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@tescovee: You should award yourself for being one of the few sensible people to point out what the whole mac stuff is about. Hats off to you sir.

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If these tablets run Win 8, it will be horrible, regardless of how good these look compared to the bitten fruit's offerings. Just imagine viruses that can disable the touch input for win 8 tablets. Also I still don't get why people buy tablets, and then buy keyboards to attach to them. Can they not see that they want a laptop with touchscreen? or actually a real tablet pc with detachable keyboard? #semi-rant

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Lost, X-files, Boondocks, Cowboy Bebop,

Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy, oh and all Bruce Lee films

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This collection shouldn't be $59.99 on release, that is all.

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How much more money do these people want from gamers? We're paying for xbox live gold, actually no let's start from the beginning. We're paying for the internet service so that we can access xbox live gold, which we are paying for so that we can play the game we bought online with friends (but mostly strangers) and now we should pay again for a service for a game? DLC is bad enough but seriously these guys should relax with all this stuff. The thing that makes it even worse is that many many people are willing to pay to get "exclusive skins" and weapons. If Halo 4, which I'm already skeptical about due to its CODifications, also implements a similar service, I'll just give up on FPSs and consoles in general and pirate pc games to play.

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Does anyone know if your stats from the beta will transfer to the full game once you get it?

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Where I'm from all the food is spicy and western foods tend to taste bland to me due to the apparent relative lack of spicing and the reasons for the food being soo spicy is probably because they all originate from countries with very warm climates, hence the hot spicy food makes you sweat and therefore cools you down afterwards.

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