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@a_cute_squirtle: Felt the same way about the game. Also I didn't really feel that the resources you get mean anything besides "some people will respond better to them as gifts". But you have no control over their acquisition and no real choice to use them so far.

I don't even understand the point of having relationships besides sometimes them giving you charms, is there anything else to it? So I have just been focusing on one person as well.

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Bought and played the game yesterday, as a pixel artist this was alone worth the price for me personally. The music, writing and mood are on point, got me intrigued from the get-go. Who doesn't like a good "alone in spaceship" thriller?

Unfortunately I feel like the gameplay has some significant issues. It is in great part an exploration game, mostly linear (although I haven't played it that much, maybe it opens up?).

Exploring corridors doesn't work too well with tactical gameplay mechanics. If you compare it to XCOM:EU, the worst parts of the game are moving for long stretches, click by click (This is why tactics games usually have a separate game mode for story progression, and then you are just dropped into a scenario/map for combat).

They alleviate the issue a bit by letting you move all your characters at the same time when clicking, but still feels a bit annoying.

The fighting itself is ok, very similar to Shadowrun Returns. Basically using the two-actions per turn from XCOM:EU. Shoot the guys or throw a nade, with some character-only actions, much like classes in XCOM/Shadowrun.

In conclusion, I'm not sure if the aesthetics and story are enough to get me through the whole game, I really play these games for the tactics gameplay. I would like a bit more innovation on that end, like destructible terrain or more interesting abilities. But we'll see, playing it some more today.

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Yeah, artist is Johan Vinet, he's an incredibly talented pixel artist:


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I don't know what's worse, the way they use glistening boobs to trick dudes into paying closer attention, or that it always works on me :(

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@droop: Find out why everyone is talking about Giant Bomb's Top 10 predictions for 2014. The last one will have you in tears!

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This has been an issue with the last two GTA games.
Specially now that the game is divided into three characters, the possibility of building your own empire from scratch through sandbox activities (buying businesses, safe-houses, turf wars, etc) is no longer as satisfying as it once was.

It does seem to be better than GTA 4 though, you couldn't even buy businesses, or do that stock trading, or anything, besides the story missions.

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@slaegar said:

@dredlockz said:

if you want to juggle several discs or not.

The second disc for the 360 version is a one time thing. There's no swapping discs after the first install.

Oh, I did not know that, that issue is neglectable then.

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Been watching side to side footage of both, they seem to be pretty much the same, with some real minor pros and cons. It really comes down to your controller preference, and if you want to juggle several discs or not. I think I'm getting PS3, just so that I don't even have to think about that whole xbox "don't install the play disc" issue.

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@verkk said:

Some answers:

As far as the performance, the PS3 version seems to be ok, some frame drops during fast driving, shooting scenarios (so far), and a few texture popping that was felt mostly through fast driving and cross areas exploration (meaning, while driving just in the "rural" area it is fine, but once you start venturing to the "deserty" areas, the texture popping is more noticeable if you look for it, but it's really minor once you play it for 15 minutes and get used to the look).

Oh noes, waiting for a PC version then, hopefully the port won't be as bad as that of GTA4.

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@cloudenvy said:

@dredlockz: That's why he said "Whose gameplay is designed around a monetization model", which is entirely valid. As you said yourself, Dota 2 is not so I don't really get your point.

Derp, you're right.

Sorry, misread, deleted the post.

There are some gray areas tho, and I guess that comes down to personal opinion of what is fair and what isn't. For example games like Jetpack Joyride or Knights of Pen and Paper + 1 Edition, I don't have a problem with those types of games, and the gameplay is designed around player progression and a bunch of grinding, the monetization comes from cutting corners.

It is a subtle difference, so much so that I'm not even sure if I'm ok with them now :D

If Pokemon (a real grindy game), didn't have its gameplay changed in anyway, and just offered XP boosters, for a price, would that be ok?

Or, for example, is the monetization scheme of planetside 2 ok?