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Hey guys,

I am playing it safe on my resurrected PC with a shiny copy of Windows 8, and I want to know what's the easiest way to get these soundtrack files onto a CD or something. If I can do that straight, that would be cool, but most of what I am seeing says the .ogg files needs to be converted. I turn to you to give me suggestions on the best way to do this and the best file converter to use that will not invade my computer's information orifices. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks so much everyone!

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@mlarrabee: Passing on your comments to the director! Thanks!

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So a friend of mine makes movies. He's super talented. For Halloween, he decided to make a short film about zombies. Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, but still fun as a gore-heavy zombie thriller.

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I was a zombie in this; look for the brown shirt. They actually had to recycle me a few times as different zombies on account of this being a basically no-budget short film.

We had fun making it! Hope you have fun watching it.

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@dalin88: uh...yeah?

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While nothing personal was stolen, I have been robbed at gunpoint, which is a different sort of violated feeling, but getting all of your expensive shit stolen really sucks all the same. I can't relate with you on that level, but I know it's still devastating.

I'm not sure I understand your wording on recovering a console, but if you're talking about your games, you can re-download them under Account Management --> Download history, or something along those lines. Your onboard saves are lost, though. Definitely change your password though, although I BELIEVE that the console prompts for a login if it gets connected to a new network. Better safe than sorry. As has been said, file a police report and an insurance claim with everything that was stolen.

Also, something for everyone. An interesting study was conducted a while back, and there was an over 50% reduction in burglaries if you put a security system sticker on the outside of your house (e.g., "Protected by Brinks" etc), even if there is no system in place.

I hope you and your wife can find peace and a sense of safety at this time, though I know how that may feel impossible. It's an incredibly stressful situation, to be sure, but it's important that you two try to take care of yourselves. Eat, sleep, and so forth. Reach out to your support networks too, as you already have. I hope everything works out for you.

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Wow, your mom must have been REALLY uptight about M rated games in the house when you were younger.

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This sounds like the perfect game to play while trashed.

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No experience with BoA. However, Wells Fargo does some weird shit and pelt you will all kinds of calls, as well as take around twice as long on average to process anything. I am very happy with Chase, but a Credit Union usually has really low rates if that's what you're looking for.